153 Fun Questions To Ask A Girl

Funny questions to ask a girl
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If you’re looking for the best funny questions to ask a girl, get your pen and pad ready because you’re on your way to becoming a funny guy.

You may have wondered why that funny guy you know always seems to be getting the best girls.

But each time you try the same tactics, you fall like a sack of potatoes.

Just like any other skill, humor can be learned by knowing the right things to say to get the toughest girl all soft with laughter.

Here are 153 funny questions to ask a girl to make her laugh.

What Will I Learn?

1) What would it be if you had to choose between having a horn or tail?

Just thinking about the two weird choices would have her cackling.

2) Would you rather have your fart smell like roses or a rotten egg?

This might look like a yucky question, but it is great at breaking the ice.

3) Which food would you rather smell like for the rest of your life?

It might take some thought, but her answers would crack her up.

4) If you lost your speech and could only choose an animal sound to communicate, what animal would it be?

You could have fun trying out different animal sounds.

5) Tell me what you think your Dog thinks about you?

She might look at you as a loon head, but that would surely make her laugh.

6) Would you rather lick or eat?

This might sound vague, but it’s one of the funny questions to ask a girl over text.

7) Were there Daddies in the Pyramids of Egypt?

Sometimes playing dumb can get you into a girl’s heart.

8) Would you like to be a bird so you can poop on the heads of annoying people?

This is one of the funny questions to ask a girl you like that would get you past any awkwardness.

9) Would you eat a gold-glazed burger?

That’s not a condiment. It is one of the fun questions to ask a girl that could get her thinking.

10) You can only choose one Daddy – Kevin Hart or Mr. Bean?

Relating it to you will help her forget her embarrassment and loosen up around you.

10) Have you ever tasted your stomach?

She might think you are out of your mind, but it would give her something to think about.

11) What’s the wackiest pick-up line that has been used on you?

This is risky, as she could parrot your words back at you. It is worth the try, though.

12) Do you think sleeping should be added as a hobby on your resume?

This question could help you get to know her better outside casual engagements.

13) What is the stupidest thing you have done to get a crush to notice you?

This could be self-preservation at its best because you can get to know if she would be a dangerous stalker.

14) Were you ever caught stealing candy as a child?

She would laugh at the memory; you could get closer by sharing that experience.

15) Have you ever let out a smelly fart in public?

Well, who hasn’t? She would laugh or pretend to be alarmed.

16) I’m Neil’s brother. Will you like to go to the moon and back with me?

Sounds a bit corny, but it might just work for you.

17) Why is Jack a short form for John when they are the same length?

Pretty silly.

18) Do you think I am goofy?

This question can help you to avoid wasting time on a girl that doesn’t find you funny.

19) How would you serenade a girl if you were a man?

You would make her laugh and get pointers on how to treat her right.

20) If you work in a diner and a customer is nasty, would you spit in their food?

This could let you know how vindictive she can get when slighted.

21) What would you be doing if the world ended today?

This is on the deeper end, but it can unearth very funny responses.

22) What is the funniest nickname people call you?

If she tells you this, it means she truly likes you.

23) Can you tell me something you find funny about me?

Turning the joke on yourself is the best way to get a girl to like you.

24) What animal do you think I bear a resemblance to?

Her answer would have you poking fun at each other in no time.

25) Choose a new fruit shape for your head – watermelon or coconut?

Tell me the driest joke you have ever heard.

26) What’s your worst gaffe ever?

27) Do you like man-boobs?

28) Would you give a dying snake mouth-to-mouth resuscitation?

29) Tell me the strangest name you could give your child?

30) Do you talk to imaginary people?

31) What has been your most ridiculous lie about skipping work?

32) Who would you choose to be stuck in an elevator with? A skunk or a friend with body odor?

33) If you had to live the rest of your life as a vegetable, would you rather be lettuce or cabbage?

34) When did you find out Santa Claus was fake?

35) Who was your childhood celebrity crush?

36) Choose between two superpowers – to make things disappear or make food appear?

37) Can you walk with your head between your legs?

38) Do you still believe in the tooth fairy?

39) Can you lick your elbow?

40) Why is an uncle not an uncle?

41) Are false eyelashes made from horse hair?

42) What is the silliest fear you have?

43) If your family hears that you have been arrested, what offense would they assume you might have committed?

44) If you had to choose purple and red as your skin tone, what would it be?

45) How would you scratch your back if your hands were tied?

46) Can you communicate through hand signals only for a whole day?

47) Would you scrape off your eyebrows and leave them bald?

48) Would you eat worms for $1000?

49) Can you eat while hanging upside down?

50) Who is your favorite cartoon character?

51) What funny joke would you tell God if you saw him?

52) What would it be if you had to eat one food for the rest of your life?

53) If you could control space and time, who would you choose to place under freeze forever?

54) What is a funny story your family likes to tell about you?

55) What is your best “bad first date” story?

56) What was your most memorable birthday?

57) What happened at your middle school dance?

58) What was your funniest-looking haircut?

59) What is an inside joke that makes you laugh but that nobody else understands?

60) What do you look like in your most embarrassing school picture?

61) What is one word you would use to describe your first kiss?

62) What is your craziest travel mishap story?

63) Did you have any silly quirks as a child?

64) What is your weirdest hidden talent?

65) Can you do any silly tricks with your tongue?

66) Can you touch your pinkie and pointer finger together?

67) What would be your ultimate random trivia category?

68) Can you do a handstand?

69) What is something you’re terrible at?

70) What is your wackiest dance move?

71) Can you wink in both eyes?

72) Are you able to wiggle your ears?

73) What would you pick if you could develop any skill overnight?

74) What would you choose if you could replace your hands with anything?

75) Have you ever used a pick-up line on someone?

76) What is an unpopular opinion you have?

77) What is the funniest conversation starter you have ever heard?

78) How would you survive in a zombie apocalypse?

79) Which emoji best describes your soul?

80) What vegetable fits your personality?

81) Do you like your laugh?

82) What’s a silly school subject you think should exist?

83) How do you feel about sporks?

84) What is your best knock-knock joke?

85) Do you think our senses of humor are compatible?

86) When was the last time you laughed so hard that you cried?

87) What would your pirate name be?

88) What is your favorite bird sound?

89) What movie sound effects would you like to play on command?

90) If you could be any kind of tree, what would you be?

91) What is the best prank you have ever pulled?

92) What is the closest you have come to a celebrity encounter?

93) What is your best accent?

94) What is a strange alternative to rock, paper, scissors?

95) In which fictional world would you most like to live?

96) If you discovered a new fish, what would you call it?

97) What animal would look the strangest without hair?

98) How do you react to practical jokes?

99) What ice cream flavor describes you?

100) What would you do if you could only walk backward?

101) Do you consider yourself lucky?

102) What genre would a movie about your life be?

103) Do you believe that banana peels are slippery?

104) Do you ever wear sunglasses at night?

105) How would you tell your life story using only emojis?

106) If you were on a magazine cover, what would the headline be?

107) Which world record would you most like to win?

108) Are you similar to any funny TV show characters?

109) What shape is your belly button?

110) Are any of your senses unusually powerful?

111) Which Crayola color fits your personality?

112) Which Disney villain do you think has the most stylish outfit?

113) Would you want your life to have a laugh track?

About Music to Make Her Laugh

Music can foster connections between people. These funny musical questions will have a girl marching to the beat of your drum.

114) Do you know all the lyrics to any embarrassing songs?

115) Do you sing to yourself in the car?

116) What is your go-to karaoke song?

117) Can you hum while plugging your nose?

118) If you could play a musical instrument with your feet, which would you choose?

119) Did you have posters of pop stars or boy bands in your bedroom in middle school? If so, who?

120) What musical instrument do you think has the silliest name?

121) Would you guess I have a good voice or sing off-key?

122) Have you ever performed in a talent show?

123) Can you sing the alphabet song backward?

Hilarious “Would You Rather” Questions

Would you rather questions can help a girl imagine some pretty ridiculous scenarios to crack her up?

124) Would you rather have a dog’s brain in your human body or your human brain in a dog’s body?

125) Would you rather wear all your clothes backward or inside out?

126) Would you rather eat only cold spaghetti or drink only warm lemonade?

127) Would you rather be covered in tattoos or piercings?

128) Would you rather swim in jello or maple syrup?

129) Would you rather have gills or a prehensile tail?

130) Would you rather be a weak superhero or a powerful supervillain?

131) Would you rather only be able to eat sugar or salt?

132) Would you rather be a worm or a dung beetle?

133) Would you rather eat a rotting fish or moldy cheese?

Silly Questions About Food

People say that the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, and maybe that’s how to find a girl’s funny bone.

134) What would you choose if you could only have potatoes in one form for the rest of your life?

135) What is your favorite kind of chicken nugget?

136) If you discovered a new berry, what would you name it?

137) Which breakfast cereal mascot do you think would be the most fun to have at a party?

138) What is always in your refrigerator?

139) Have you ever made a catastrophic mistake while cooking a recipe?

140) What would you pick if you were required to put the same condiment on everything?

141) Which fruit would you choose to replace your nose?

142) What would be on the menu if you combined your two favorite restaurants?

143) What pizza topping best aligns with your personality?

Gross But Funny

She may roll her eyes at these questions, but research has proven that disgusting things are often humorous.

144) Do you have the ability to burp on command?

145) Have you ever laughed so hard you peed yourself?

146) Can you make a convincing fake fart noise?

147) If your friend got stung by a jellyfish, would you be willing to pee on them?

148) Has anyone ever walked in on you while using the bathroom?

149) What is the nastiest thing you have ever eaten?

150) What would you do if you were a vampire?

151) Do you re-wear dirty clothes?

152) Have you ever used the bathroom in the woods?

153) Would you let a dog kiss your mouth?