242 Interesting Fun Questions to Ask

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What Are Some Fun Questions to Ask?

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1) What celebrity do you think would be the worst leader of a nation?

2) What activity stressed you out before but isn’t a big deal now?

3) Do you think you can lie and grab a high-level job of your choice without having prior experience and still go unnoticed?

4) If you get the chance to learn a magic spell, but it only has the ability to execute something quite mundane, what would you want the spell to do?

5) What’s the best and the worst thing about being a male/female?

6) What childish thing do you still like doing?

7) What movie can you watch repeatedly without getting tired?

8) What insignificant thing you have done that has reaped great benefits for you?

9) What movie did you wish your life could resemble?

10) What’s the most intriguing piece of trivia you might be aware of?

11) After you wake up all of a sudden in the middle of the night, what sound can scare the shit out of you?

12) What’s that thing you used to get involved in and now think it was rather silly?

13) What historical personality in your opinion shouldn’t have been as venerated as they are today?

14) Have you ever been in a high-pressure situation? What did you do in order to handle it?

15) Tell me something about who or what you feel is your nemesis.

16) What two events have changed your life forever?

17) What’s that thing that the majority of people don’t get right?

18) What’s that thing you are not ready to do even for 5 million dollars?

19) In your opinion, what do you think you are an expert at, but probably you are not?

20) What, according to you, is a double standard and must be done away with?

21) Who do you think doesn’t deserve your respect anymore?

22) What stranger had influenced you big time?

23) What’s that achievement you are proud of?

24) What historical period had probably the finest fashion sense?

25) What funny thing completely freaks you out?

26) Would the world have been a different place if superheroes and supervillains existed?

27) What significant change in the education system of your country needs to go through?

28) Have you ever done anything for which you might regret it in the future?

29) What significant aspect of your culture are you proud of?

30) What’s the best and the worst thing about being a woman?

31) If you had the option of replacing the handshake as a form of greeting, how would you want to replace it?

32) Are humans beings different from animals? If yes, what makes us different?

34) Do you resemble any book or movie character?

35) Does people’s ignorance about an important fact surprise you?

36) Which memory continues to haunt you?

37) What is that thing you can’t stop being passionate about?

38) What according to you is the best comeback ever?

39) Where would you love to see before you die?

40) Have you ever been incapable of doing something in your life that you now regret?

41) Have you been ever been annoyed with anything so far? If yes,  what’s that?

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42) Who was the first person you fell head over heels for? What was that quality that made you go weak in the knees?

43) What is that one thing you regret you should have done at least once in your lifetime?

44) Who are you closest to, your mom or your dad?

45) If you ever get the chance to alter your first name, what would you like it to be?

46) Which place, according to you, is the most beautiful in the world?

47) Which is that song that makes you sad every time you hear it?

48) What lies under your bed? Is there any secret that you have been hiding?

49) Have you made prank calls to anyone till now?

50) Do ghosts exist? Have you ever witnessed anything?

51) Have you done justice to your time and feelings in life?

52) Is there anything in life you are embarrassed about?

53) At what age did your mother conceive?

54) What incident brought the most tears to your eyes?

55) What seems to comfort you at a time when you are feeling down and out?

56) What opinion do you have regarding adopting a child?

57) What is the most valuable possession you have in your life?

58) Did you ever feel that saying sorry for something would have mended things, but eventually you didn’t?

59) Is there anything that can be done to make your life run a bit smoother?

60) Which is the most significant memory that you have ever had till now?

61) What is that food item that you prefer not to eat all in life?

62) Is there anything that doesn’t allow you to sleep?

63) What would you do to make your room look perfect?

65) How regularly do you indulge in sports?

66) What’s your favorite color?

67) What’s that job that you dread doing?

68) Which is that skill that you want to be an expert at?

69) What is your favorite song and why?

70) Which pets did you spend your childhood with?

71) How many people have asked you for help and what help do they generally ask for?

72) Which activity do you have to spend maximum time on in a day?

73) What is that thing you wish you had more knowledge on?

74) What are those small but significant things that lift your mood?

75) Who has impressed you the most in your life? And what is the reason?

76) Which television show or film do you utterly refuse to watch?

77) What has been the best day of the last calendar?

78) How do you like to unwind after toiling through the day?

79) How far have you ever traveled from your home and where have you been?

80) What’s the best novel you have watched and what’s the best thing about it?

81) What question annoys you big time? Why?

82) What’s the thing that warms your heart the most?

83) What nursery rhyme is your favorite?

84) What is your favorite color?

85) Which is your favorite animal?

86) What does your mom do?

87) How old are you?

88) What did you have for lunch today?

89) What is your brother’s and sister’s age?

90) Which food item does your dad love?

91) How fast do you have your dinner?

92) How would your favorite house look like?

93) What is the name of your best friend?

94) What does your dad love to eat?

95) If you were to teach something to your pet, what would it be?

95) What makes you sad and makes you cry?

97) What is your favorite dish?

98) Do you go grocery shopping with your mother?

99) Which car do you want to have when you grow up?

100) What is that thing that you always hear throughout the day?

101) What’s your favorite bedtime story that you love to read over and over again?

102) Which is that place that you would love to go to?

103) What is that thing that you wouldn’t even like to repeat?

104) What superpower do you wish you could have?

105) Do you want to be rich or happy?

106) Which year has been the best in your life until now?

107) What do you generally splurge your money on?

107) What has been the greatest achievement in your life that you will always be proud of?

108) How would you like to be remembered by your loved ones?

109) What do you mostly shop for and why?

110) Name one experience in your life that has made you strong?

111) Who and what has embarrassed you the most until now?

112) What is the most ridiculous thing that you have done in your life?

113) Have you ever found anything hard that others find quite easy?

114) What’s your favorite dress that you can’t afford to part ways with?

115) How many relationships have you been in previously?

116) What’s the quality in an individual that attracts you the most and why?

117) What has been the best compliment that you have received so far?

118) What skills do you have that can impress anyone around you?

119) What’s your idea of a perfect holiday and whom do you want to go on a vacation with?

120) What’s your favorite destination that you have been to several times but can’t get enough of?

121) What’s your fashion statement?

122) What should be the role of a woman in a relationship?

123) What is that one thing that you regret you shouldn’t have done in your previous relationships?

124) Which relationship was the most serious one? How did it end? Do you still miss those times?

125) Have you ever cheated on anyone in your previous relationship?

126) Did you give enough time to your ex-boyfriends?

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127) Have you ever faced any physical abuse in your previous relationships?

128) Which quality/qualities in a man can annoy you? What qualities should a man have to impress you?

129) What has been the craziest thing that you have done in a relationship?

130) What is the most adventurous thing you have ever done in your life?

131) Where do you prefer to spend the major part of your day? Is it indoors or outdoors?

132) What is the most prized possession in your life that you never wish to lose?

133) What do you do if a trusted friend starts saying all negative things about you behind your back?

134) What movie and television shows do you like the most? What is the worst movie or television show you’ve watched?

135) How good have you been as far as budgeting finances are concerned? Are you a spendthrift?

136) Is it right for a man to pay for everything? Should a woman also shell out something? When should they divide the expenses between them?

137) Do you know anything that you weren’t supposed to know?

138) What has been the most romantic song that you have ever heard?

139) Do you want to erase something from your life?

140) What has been the biggest mistake that you have committed in your life? What lessons have you learned from that?

141) Is social media good or bad? What are the positive and negative impacts of social media?

142) Which movie has made you teary-eyed and you never wish to watch it again?

143) What according to you is a perfect day?

144) What’s that one habit that you possess and a number of people don’t?

145) Do you have a habit that can easily annoy someone?

146) Do people overestimate or underestimate you? What can be the reason?

147) Is there something that you know you need to do, but probably will never do?

148) What has been the best part of your growing-up days?

149) What do you intend to do the most when you grow old?

150) What weakness do you see the most in a person? What sign of weakness do you see the most in yourself?

151) Is there anything that you tried to like with all your heart, but somehow were not able to?

152) What is that quality in you that makes you stand apart in a crowd?

153) Is there any mistake you have made, that has ultimately benefited you in the long run?

154) How important is money to you? What would you do if you become a millionaire one day?

155) Who, according to you, is the most harmful person that you have ever come across in your life?

156) Which is your favorite novel? Which character do you like the most in that novel?

157) If you want to put everything aside and go out on a road trip, what would be your destination?

158) Do you love pets? What’s your favorite pet? Do you have a pet at home?

159) What’s that thing you have learned in life and wish you had never learned it? Why?

160) In case of feeling stressed out, which activity brings your peace of mind back?

161) Is there anything that you have done after getting badly drunk and wish you hadn’t done it?

162) What’s the hottest thing on the internet today?

163) What celebrity in your opinion can be rated as a perfect 10 out of 10?

164) Among all the purchases that you have made in your life until now, name the best and the worst.?

165) If you had the chance to know the real truth to a single question, what question would it be?

166) Do you have any talent that has seemed useless to you?

167) Have you been to any such place that has pissed you off completely?

168) Have you ever been tricked into doing any ridiculous stuff? How did you feel after that?

169) What’s the latest thing you have read and felt intrigued?

170) Is there anything that your brain asks you to do and you try hard not to do it?

171) Have you ever come across a messy person in your life? Who is it?

172) Is there any crazy thing that one of your teachers has ever done at school or university?

173) Which exercise do you love doing the most?

174) Which is your favorite day of the year? Is there any specific reason behind it?

175) If you were asked to choose a mentor for yourself, who would that person be?

176) If someone gives you the opportunity to go back in time, which period of history would it be?

177) Suppose, you get the chance to meet someone, either living or dead, who would that individual be?

178) Which are your favorite quotes? Do you have more than one?

179) Which mode of transportation do you have the least liking for?

180) Do you hate doing anything but still are compelled to do it?

181) Will the future be better than the present? What do you think and why?

182) What is the essential thing that’s required for a perfect relationship?

183) Who is the person you can sacrifice your life for?

184) Is war inevitable or can it be done away with altogether?

185) If you had to ask anyone a single question and they had to provide an honest reply, whom and what would it be?

186) How do you want your life to be? Long and boring? Short and adventurous? Why?

187) Have you ever taken anyone or anything for granted? What made you do? Do you continue to do so?

188) Have you been overwhelmed by something or someone? Under what circumstances?

189) Would you give up your life for a stranger? If yes, then why?

190) What’s the most valuable and memorable lesson that your parents have passed down to you? How many times have you applied it in your life?

191) Have you kept your priorities the same as they were five years back? Or has it changed?

192) What’s your definition of an ideal life? Is there anything that you need to do to make your life an ideal one?

193) Which day in your life has been the most memorable one to date? Why is it memorable?

194) What’s more important to you? Money or true love?

195) Is there any hurdle in your life that you have been trying to overcome but without a positive outcome?

196) What is that one thing in your life that you are incredibly proud of?

197) Is your life meaningful? If not, then what have you thought about making it ideal?

199) Is it acceptable to break laws? If yes, then why and how?

200) Who or what has been the most motivating factor in your life?

201) What are the 5 most beautiful things on the planet? What makes them appealing?

202) What’s the funniest name that you have ever come across?

One of the funny questions that you can ask someone.

Be ready for a laugh riot as few names can tickle your funny bone.

A great conversation starter indeed.

203) If a necessary amount of alcohol is added to a sport to make it funny, which sport should it be?

204) What has attained a lot of popularity these days but might seem embarrassing after a few years?

205) If animals could talk, which animal would prove to be the rudest?

206) What would make people nostalgic some 40 to 50 years down the line?

207) Do you wish an inanimate object wouldn’t have existed?

208) On your visit to someone’s place, what was the weirdest thing you have ever come across?

209) Is there someone you know who reminds you of a movie or a television character? If yes, who is that?

210) Have you ever worn an embarrassing dress?

211) Name a thing, that’s fine if you occasionally do, but not in your best interests, if you repeat it every day?

212) Is there anything that used to be completely trashy, but now has attained a cult status?

213) What’s the most bizarre fact that you have ever known?

214) Have you ever been embarrassed by something in your life? How?

215) What is social media according to you and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

216) Do you have nicknames for your co-workers and customers?

217) What’s the worst name that you can ever give your child?

218) Among all the Wi-Fi names that you have come across till date, what has been the most favorite one? What’s your Wi-Fi name?

219) If you ever get the chance to be a superhero, who would like to be? Why?

220) If there is anything that the Government needs to make legal, what should it be?

221) If you get the opportunity to become invisible, what’s the first thing you wish to do?

222) What habits in married couples annoy you the most?

223) When you become a parent, what type would you prefer to be?

224) On a bad day, would you want to spend some time alone or would you want someone to perk you up?

225) Are you content with the mental and physical aspects of your relationship?

226) How would you prefer to spend your day and what would you love doing?

227) What’s your idea of a special day with a special person in your life?

228) Do you recall the first thing you said to your partner?

229) Has anyone given you relationship advice? Which is the best?

230) Are you on friendly terms with your ex?

231) Which part of the year is your favorite? Any special reason?

232) Have you gone through times you have felt lonely or emotionally down and out?

234) What has been the best moment of your life?

235) How different are you from your partner? Has there been a difference in opinion ever? How many times?

236) Have you ever felt that something is missing from your life?

237) Is your lover your best friend? Or you are not sure enough whether you should confide in them?

238) Do you prefer to go out or stay indoors for a date?

239) Do you prefer breakfast in bed or a candlelit dinner?

240) Having a family or Traveling around the world? Which one is more important to you?

241) How would you love your partner to propose? Publicly or in private?

242) If you get the opportunity to change your name, what name would you like to give yourself? What would be the reason behind choosing that name?

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