It’s a matter of concern for most women on how they can flirt with men sans appearing easy and casual.

Frankly, the set of beliefs and values that modern-day teaches us can make this task a little cumbersome.

Also, there are far too many men who are on the lookout for sex, only!

And one actually needs to be a little wary about them for any show of friendliness from a woman’s side is taken as a cue or permit to go ahead with a one-night stand.

There’s no need to be discouraged though. You can always flirt and continue doing so without showing that the bed is the only place that you wish to hit.

Woman flirting with a man

At the start, think of the possible places where you would like to flirt with men, for this indeed casts a strong influence on the latter about how they will perceive you’re flirting to be.

Quite natural that the man just next to you at the supermarket checkout counter or the post office will enjoy the attention you give while flirting, and not think otherwise of hooking up with him.

Well, you can think of a humdrum place where you chance upon a good-looking guy and then feel absolutely safe in flirting with him. He might just assume that’s your friendly nature.

But in certain places, you must be careful while flirting.

Think of bars, pubs, nightclubs and such and you are bound to know that luck will favor you simply because of the choice you made in being there and hook up with several others.

So if you turn up in either of the above-mentioned places or with other women there, be sure of witnessing some real and intense flirting.

But don’t forget that the guys will, of course, show tell-tale signs of interest if they have to, for they will think of getting something beyond flirting.

And your subtleness at this art is void in this regard.

Any cue or action that offers them some hope where they feel they have a chance to make it big will surely be utilized to the utmost.

Flirting is not a heck of a job without seeming you are available the moment you know how to become a pro at it.

Simply smile at him while glancing and maintain the eye contact for some time.

Girl Flirting with a Boy

This is a good way to help him understand that he’s worthy enough to be flirted with.

Practicing these flirting skills will eventually become as easy as breathing.

The target is just to become friends but not easy and only the right way of flirting can help you accomplish that.

A good sense of humor and retaining an inviting smile always go hand in hand.

This combination is a great one when it comes to flirting as nothing gets too serious or out of hand while using both.

The moment you reach a point where it doesn’t bother you anymore about the man not replying or returning the flirting, know it for certain you have mastered the art and can now be termed as a professional flirter.

After all, you have become too normal and natural at it and your communication skills are bound to be enhanced.

Men will perceive this on an intuitive level and not think of you as hitting on them.

What could be better than flirting but not losing control of the situation?