Horse Lovers Dating Site – Top Apps For Equestrian Singles

Equestrian Dating Sites

If you love horses, it is natural that you may want to experience dating a person who loves horses too.

It can be difficult getting along with people who don’t share an interest in something you’re passionate about, so what would you do if you wished to meet other horse enthusiasts and engage in equestrian dating?

Now that online dating has become popular, several free dating platforms have emerged that cater to single-horse lovers online.

There are many equestrian dating sites where you can meet equestrian daters and get to talk to them and date them as well.

Of course, many of you might be meeting another horse-loving person or two on the racecourse or wherever you go to ride.

But the existence of these horse-lover dating sites sure makes it easier to find more horse lovers and have an online equestrian chat.

Since you have a love for horses in common with these other people, it is naturally easier to bond over the same and form more meaningful relationships over that mutual passion.

Everyone wishes to belong to the community they feel comfortable and safe in, so it’s a happy fact that these dating sites are in business and allows for exactly such communities to grow.

What Will I Learn?

Top 10 Dating Sites For Horse Lovers – Meet Equestrian Singles

1) eHarmony


eHarmony isn’t an exclusive equestrian-oriented website, but it is definitely a well-recognized dating service worldwide, where you can meet a large number of people in a scam-free dating environment.

You will definitely be able to find others here with some of the same interests as you, and because of the large amount of traffic on eHarmony, you can even find several horse-loving people!

eHarmony has two membership options- Standard and Premium membership, and you can opt for either depending on how much you’re willing to invest.

You can also go for their free trial before you make that choice, just so you have an idea of what you’re heading in for.

eHarmony also has a well-functioning mobile app, which, however, costs a fair bit more than the desktop version.

2) Equestrian Singles

equestrian singles

Equestrian Singles is a great dating site where you can meet cowboys and cowgirls and match with people who are also horse enthusiasts and into horseback riding.

This dating space is really convenient for single horse lovers as well as for those horse lovers who are looking for other horse-related facilities such as buying or selling a horse, horse accessories, etc.

If you’re looking to meet eligible riding partners, Equestrian Singles is one of the best dating sites for you.

3) Equestrian Cupidequestrian cupid


Equestrian Cupid takes a rather social media-centric approach to equestrian dating online.

The site offers options for horse-loving people to post photos, videos, and stories about horses, making it one of the equestrian forums where enthusiasts can get together.

You can also chat on this site with fellow horse-loving individuals, and get some interesting conversations going.

Alongside, to make matters fun, you are also allowed to post about first date ideas, and chat about setting up a possible horse date with fellow horse enthusiasts!

This creates a lovely sense of community among the members of the site because it allows them to share experiences and personal journeys into the world of horses while presenting excellent opportunities to find dates.

3) Horse And Country Lovers

Horse country lovers

For those who are completely into the equestrian lifestyle, Horse and Country Lovers is a great dating website to find someone you can connect with.

This is a dating service that is completely safe and reliable, since all the profiles on Horse and Country Lovers are verified, so there is no risk of getting scammed.

This is one of the best online dating sites for those who love horses and reside in rural countryside settings.

On this site, you won’t have any trouble finding fellow horse enthusiasts who understand the ways of rural life and can hence relate better to you.

4) Equestrian Dating

equestrian dating

Free dating platforms spur more people into signing up on them and hence often have more traffic to choose dates and riding partners from.

Equestrian Dating offers anonymous search features using which you can find out who has looked at your dating profile, and the site is completely free, so you can go wild in your search for fellow country lovers, another horse enthusiast, or an attractive date.

Another really great aspect of this website is that it is LGBTQ-friendly, making it a safer space for individuals of that community to participate openly and have a good chance at finding love comfortably while bonding over a common love- horses.

5) Equestrian Dating Site

equestrian dating site

Equestrian Dating Site is one of those online forums which is connected to several other networks, so if you post your profile to this site, your profile is automatically up for viewing on more than one dating network as well.

It is an active singles community-tailored website that allows for great interactions and open conversations between people.

Best of all, it is completely free, so you don’t have to worry about spending any money here.

You can easily customize your dating profile on Equestrian Dating Site to ensure that you are likelier to connect with other country sports lovers and maybe have a fun date horseback riding!


Muddy Matches

As an original online dating site, Muddy Matches focuses on creating a perfect dating experience and opportunity for those who live a rural lifestyle or country lifestyle, so that people who live out of town and in the country also have a chance to socialize and find equestrian partners.

Although the site does not offer free instant messaging on a free account, you can opt for the premium membership as a paid service for that.

The major plus of Muddy Matches is that there is a ton of activity on the site, such as advertised events in the area, games and quizzes, and great date ideas.

8) Horse Lovers Dating

Horse Lovers Dating

Many equestrians await singles on Horse Lovers Dating, a dating website that caters basically to horse lovers in the United Kingdom.

So, if you’re based in the UK and are looking for a country guy or girl to date, you can choose from many options in this active singles community.

What makes this a fantastic dating site is a fact that even if you’re not a die-hard equestrian, and are only getting into the equestrian lifestyle, this site is still perfect for you to find what you need.

Hence this site is great even for beginners and people who have slowly growing levels of interest in horses.

The site also offers complete security and protects your data, which is a definite plus.

9) Love Horse

Lover Horse

Love Horse is another recognized dating service for horse lovers.

Love Horse is also a site that connects people who love horses all over the United Kingdom, and hence help such people find interesting matches to bond with over horses.

This dating site connects hundreds of people who are interested in riding horses, breeding them, or just enjoying their beauty and grace.

This site boasts advanced search features where the members can look for information regarding horses, horse breeds, owners, etc, and members can also post photos and videos.

Alongside, they have a strong-featured blog and dating diaries for members to enjoy others’ experiences and get first-date ideas as well.

10) Horse Date (Discontinued)

Horse Date is one of the dating sites that offer a simple, dressed-down dating platform for those who are into equestrian dating and are looking for other cowboys and cowgirls.

If you enjoy playing polo, horse riding, or just seeing and admiring horses, Horse Date is the site you should be on.

Most of the profiles on this dating space are seriously involved in the equestrian lifestyle, hence this site succeeds in providing horse lovers a good chance to find eligible riding partners, if not equestrian soulmates.

Horse Lovers Online Dating

Dating sites, in general, have grown popular over the years as people prefer to get to know new people from the comfort of their own homes and across screens before meeting them outside.

Equestrian dating sites in particular are perfect places where horse enthusiasts get to know each other, horse lovers flirt, and there are often chat rooms available for them to talk about horses freely.

What better way to get to know another horse lover than by connecting with them comfortably over a dating site, exchanging photos and stories of horses, and if they have a horse themselves, bonding over their love for the sweet old girl?

Today there are many options to choose from when it comes to dating sites for horse-loving people out there.

Whether you are based in the countryside looking for fellow countryfolks to bond with over horses, are a horse-riding enthusiast, or are just getting into the world of horses, there are choices for everyone here.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the very best dating websites for those who love horses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can I meet horse people?

You can always meet fellow horse enthusiasts on the race track or wherever you go when you want to ride, but a simpler and more filtered way of doing the same is through equestrian dating websites.

Such dating sites will help you filter through the choices in the dating pool and find the right match.

What is the most elite dating portal?

EliteSingles is most likely the dating site you want to be on if you want to connect with the elite crowd of professionals who are also college degree holders, mostly from the ages of thirty to fifty-five.

Which site has the highest success rate?

eHarmony is possibly the dating portal with the highest success rate because studies show that finding love on eHarmony is something that happens every 14 minutes, which is quite a striking fact.

What dating sites do professionals use?

Both eHarmony and EliteSingles are sites used by professionals who want online dating. The dating pool on these sites is considerable but well-filtered, and you’re sure to find a good match on them!