Ending a relationship is never easy, so is there a right way to do it? 

Calling it quits can be painstaking and heartbreaking and you don’t want it to be more distressing and dreadful.

Preferably, it’s always pleasant and less painful to end a relationship on a nice note, and without too much drama and affliction.

Most breakups happen to be messy and fussy, leading both the parties with a feeling of abhorrence, indignation, and bitterness towards each other, which lingers on.

If you realize deep within yourself that your relationship is over and you are just contemplating in your mind on how to go about the whole thing, then do remember that this person is the one whom you loved and he/she is the one with whom you have shared a prodigious portion of your life.

There is a right time for everything. Find it out. Be honest and candid when you tell him/her about what you feel. Don’t hurt.

Make them comfortable, because the situation is bound to be an emotional and an anxious one.

Let your partner realize your true feelings

Telling your true feelings

But, never initiate the blame game for anything, because that is where things go awry, nasty and bitter, and everything else goes for a toss.

If the breakup comes as a shocker to your ex-partner she/he will have hundreds and thousands of thoughts and questions raging across her mind and going haywire.

You need to soothe her down. You need to explain. 

By explaining your sensibilities, sensitivities and your resolution to your ex partner, you will do yourself a world of good, and deep within your heart, you will know that you have made the right decision. 

If you have been in a relationship for a long period of time, then it is quite obvious that you would desire to handle the matter efficiently.

There is a beneficial side in conveying your feelings to your ex-partner

If you put all your sensitivities cleanly and properly across the table, you might come up with a concrete solution to lift up your spirits and begin everything afresh, rather than breaking up.

But, nevertheless, a final decision is necessary, not keeping the relationship hanging loose in the middle.

Such advices are applicable to relationships which have been reasonably pleasant.

But, for relationships, which have been abusive and things go topsy-turvy, a different approach needs to be taken.

Domestic Violence

Some relationships tend to be so abusive that a partner may be hell scared in breaking up, lest the other half might find her/him out or track them down and that can prove detrimental.

In such cases, each step should be taken with utmost care.

Some people, who are sufferers in insolent relationships, might also be in dire need of counseling, since, they eventually become traumatic, under the influence of, as harmful as a vilified association.

Having said everything, if you are the individual who has taken the first step to end a relationship, you might still find yourself to be forlorn and bereaved.

Don’t worry.

Life gives everyone a second chance, a second opportunity, a second innings.

If you stay hopeful and buoyant, and trod a little down the road of life, you will find a new possibility awaiting you, welcoming you with open arms.