Does He Miss Me After The Break Up? Will He miss Me Even If I Don’t Contact Him

Does he miss me
  • Which gal doesn’t want her ‘bf’ to miss her like crazy?
  • Who doesn’t want to be center of a guy’s universe – forever on his mind?

This is especially true if you are crushing on a special new guy and want to ‘keep’ him interested now that you have reeled him in.

And even if you are getting back together with an ex or you have broken up, you still want him to keep on missing you – you don’t want to figure out that it was you who was doing all the running, right?

When you do have a boyfriend, it’s not always easy to show him the real you – it’s so easy to get caught up in mind games, sometimes pretense, and often fantasy.

If you are trying to hold him and you are resorting to things to say and do so that he thinks you are real ‘lit’ and they are not who you really are, that’s red flag stuff. 

No guy is worth you changing; for his satisfaction.

But that doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to work all your best angles with specific goals in mind.

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Here are 15 Signs That He Secretly Really Misses You

When a guy misses you, he might not necessarily always say those very words that you want to hear, “I miss you.”

But you will no doubt be able to see signs that he really does miss you.

Maybe you are actually wondering about the relationship; wondering if he really does love you like he says he does – let’s check out signs that he does miss you when you are not with him….

1) When a guy misses you, he will look at old photos of you

He might even start stalking your social media accounts, looking at all the good times pics, and scrolling through some gifs and memes, and sending them to you.

They are the kind of memes and gifs that hint at “I love you, and I miss you.”

2) His body language will be saying to his ‘fam’ that he is missing you

Some of his best friends who are also friends with you might tell you that he has been mentioning your name – all signs that he has been missing you…

Here are some more signs –

3) His goal is still to chat with you

He will continue to text you.

Don’t answer his texts straight away – rather wait a while and see if he texts you again.

This time he might be asking you why you aren’t answering him.

Do the same if you get a call from him, don’t answer.

Rather wait to see if he calls again.

If he doesn’t really miss you, it’s not likely he will call again.

Continual texting to you is a sure sign he misses you.

He will also probably go online onto your FB account and other social media accounts to see if you appear to be missing him or to see what you are getting up to.

4) He can’t stop talking about you to his friends

All of his friends are probably sick of hearing about you – and if you get to hear about this, you will know clearly that he is missing you.

If you do love someone who is constantly on your mind, talking about them is evidence that they are missed.

Look at his body language, as mentioned above, it gives away secrets that a lot of people wouldn’t say, but it can reveal a lot about his general state of mind.

5) He talks about what you and he used to do

He will be listening to the songs you listened to or watching the movies you two used to watch.

Check out your social media – you might see some likes of some of your old posts, or he might make nostalgic comments about pics of you and him together.

If you two are over, he might have taken you for granted once, and now he wants to have an opportunity to be with you again.

6) He wants you to send him pics

Ha-ha; not the dirty pics ones.

Just normal pics that he might be asking you to send because he still misses you and wants to see what you look like again or your smile.

The pics are the easiest way for him to have you when he can’t see you in person.

If he is missing you and you are still his bae, but he is far away, you could send him some of your romantic nudes – naturally, he will be missing you.

You could always surprise him with a vid call so he would miss you even more, particularly if he asks for your pic in a video – that’s a good sign he is missing you and you are on his mind.

7) He really wants to see you

He makes it known to you that he really wants to see you.

He would probably be quite ready to go through quite a lot of ways and even kinds of trouble just to get to be with you – isn’t that a real compliment to you of how he will move Heaven and Earth to be tight with you?

And when he is with you, he will no doubt be making arrangements for when he can see you again, making sure that that happens.

Remember if you believe him because of his words, his actions must also match what he says.

8) He gets kinda jealous sometimes

You know he misses you if he acts jealous – wanting to know what you are doing and who with – especially if he is far away from you or even broken up.

The thing is you need a lot of trust in a relationship to make it work if you are a couple, but you are apart.

Being apart can leave one feeling left out at times and this can cause jealousy – a sure sign of being missed.

9) He calls you when he is drunk

It could mean he is missing you.

Often when a guy calls you and he is drunk, just two words usually come to mind – it’s just a booty call.

It often is just that.

Still sometimes, if you know him, you might have to give him the benefit of the doubt and believe it when he tells you he does not have the courage to call you sober and tell you how much he is missing you, and he can only do it when he is drunk.

It might be a difficult one and is not a sure sign that he misses you – but it could Maybe you will only know for sure if you wait the next morning to see if he calls you again.

If he doesn’t contact you again, it was probably that he actually just wanted to get laid.

10) He pretends to ignore you

A boyfriend with a big ego will often pretend to ignore you.

He doesn’t want you to see his true feelings and for you to see just how much he misses you.

Deep down, he can’t wait to see you again.

11) He is still sending you gifts

When a man falls for a woman, he can’t stop thinking about her.

Then he wants to keep the flow of conversation going and keep her attention.

He will send little gifts and messages saying things that leave you convinced you are missed.

12) He sometimes acts moody when you talk to him

You have to have experienced this before to know how true it is – sometimes the guy you fancy seems unusually angry; even a bit aggressive in his manner when you talk to him.

It’s a sure sign that he could have feelings for you and he misses you when you are not around, and he battles to keep his composure ‘cool’ when around you.

13) He reaches out to you with no apparent reason

He might just come searching you out to say “hi” or to ask how you are.

This could be without having any specific agenda in mind.

If he does do this, you could take it as a sign that he has thought about you and even holds you dear in his heart.

14) You see him at the same events as you

You might find that you “bump” into him at unexpected places or events, particularly events that he normally wouldn’t frequent.

That’s because you are still on his mind and he misses you and wants to be close to you.

He might even be wearing something that you gifted him with.

15) He honestly says he misses you

That’s cool, isn’t it?

When a guy tells you honestly how much he misses you and means it.

Your instincts will tell you that he is being totally honorable.

You will be able to see it in his eyes because when you are missed truly, you won’t be fed empty words, and he will show you just how much he has missed you.

So, before we call it a wrap, let’s take a quick look at 10 ways you can make your guy miss you…

How to Make Him Miss You

1) Don’t always be available to him around the clock

Don’t be like a lot of girls who spend all their time away from their ‘bf’ with their phone in their clenched hands, frantically waiting for him to call.

If he is late with calling you, don’t get all worked up and think he’s probably with another girl! That wouldn’t be the ideal situation.

Naturally, you love chatting to him and are waiting for and expecting his call, but you have to also spend your energy enjoying the rest of your life away from him.

Say now you are out and about with your bestie, it wouldn’t be cool, would it, if you only gave her half your attention in conversation because your mind is with someone else, waiting for his call.

It’s also fine for him not to know what you are doing each and every second of the day – there’s always a little bit of room for mystery.

The best thing is to actually be busy with your own life so that you are not glued to your phone all the time, sitting at home waiting for it to ring and then answering it immediately – let it ring a few times so he thinks you’re busy with other things.

Not being totally accessible to him makes you become more intriguing.

2) Let him first message you before you do it

Check your phone messages between you and your crush.

See if a lot of the chats aren’t first initiated by you.

If they are, try and hold off contacting him first – let him take the initiative next time.

Don’t be bummed if he doesn’t though initially because he might just be so used to you being the one who always starts things off.

If he is a bit of a shy guy, it could be a bit of extra time before he initiates the conversation first, but if he likes you a lot, he will kick up things again.

If you don’t hear from the guy again, it might actually be that he was never really into you in the first place.

3) Look gorgeous when next he sees you

We all know that men are very attracted to the visual appearance of women – they notice things like eyes, skin, hair, body – there’s no denying that!

But you can capitalize on this by putting in some extra effort when you know you are going to see him.

For example, maybe your guy loves vivid, sexy, red lipstick with long hair loose and free.

There is nothing wrong with playing on those things, and he will love it if he knows you are doing it on purpose – flirting with him.

After all, you wouldn’t like it if your guy pitched up at your place wearing old sweat pants twice in a row and insufficient deodorant, would you?

So downplaying your appearance actually sends a message to him too.

Bottom line is, if you put in zero effort to look stunning and smell nice, he might well think this is you showing you are not really into him.

4) Tell him about the great day you had

Don’t stop doing fun things you love doing because you want to wait and do them with your guy.

For instance, if you have always fancied doing rock climbing, join up yourself and go for it – there are going to be other fun activities you can do with your crush another time.

He will soon see that you have an enjoyable and exciting life; that you weren’t waiting for him to come along to make it more exciting.

Women who have joy and love their lives are attractive to anybody…

…no one is attracted to people who just sit around and talk about what they want to do some time in the future, but never do!

5) Let your body do the talking

That might sound like being seductive in the bedroom, but we are not talking about that in this space.

Some people don’t realize that their bodies do a whole lot of communication whether they are aware of it or not. Be aware of your body language.

Body language is a good give-away – it doesn’t lie.

You could, for instance, lean in close when he is chatting to you.

Maintain bold eye contact, holding his gaze for seconds longer than that you would with your ‘bff’, for instance.

Let your eyes wander to his lips – he will notice that.

Laugh when he makes a joke, showing you appreciate him, and touch his arm, letting your legs touch when you sit down next to him.

Just these little things will let him know what you feel about him. Believe it, all those little things are well noticed by him and go a long way in how he is going to think about you too!

6) Try mirroring him

Mirroring includes body language.

You might not really understand what is meant by this, but it’s like copying him as a baby does with an adult, because you kinda fancy him.

So for instance, if he places his elbows on the table and comes up closer to you, you can do something like that too.

When you physically mimic someone, you are actually increasing the sexual tensions between you, and you become emotionally closer as well.

Don’t make it obvious though, because then it can be silly or embarrassing, so follow this advice carefully.

Mirroring also goes further than the physical.

For instance, don’t send him smiley faces and exclamation marks if he is just sending you short little answers and not chatting with you.

But if he makes cute gestures to you, you can certainly reciprocate.

Subtly show him that you are receptive and this could increase his confidence in pursuing you and really miss you when you are not around.

7) Be there for him when he needs you

Before a guy can fully fall for a woman, he must know he can trust her and feel safe with her.

Trust is imperative for a relationship to work and without it, you’re building on shaky ground that could cave in at any time.

An excellent way to establish trust is to show him you are dependable; he can depend on you.

Dropping what you are doing to be with him in a crisis shows him where he ranks in your list of priorities. Listening without always chipping in and adding your bit is also very useful.

8) Show interest in what he’s interested in

When he talks about something that’s important to him, ask him about it and remember what he says.

Because you love him you will want to know about it even though you are not interested in it.

Being receptive to it shows him you care more about him than doing exactly what you want all the time.

Showing interest in each other’s interests is actually a two-way thing. You are both happy to do things that please the other.

9) Do little things for him

It’s easier to always be doing sweet, nice little things for a guy you are actively dating and endearing acts of kindness go a very long way.

And when you really know your guy, you can work this angle to your advantage, surprising him when you go out for drinks by ordering what you know he likes.

That might strike a chord with him and you will pop up in his head when next he orders that drink – and hopefully it will be with a smile on his face!

10) Don’t play too hard to get

The ironic thing about playing hard to get is that often it works with the wrong kind of guy – once he catches you, he is no longer interested – you get the drift?

So if a guy is really interested in the real you, and you keep on playing the elusive mystery girl, it might only work for a short while before he moves on.

Yes, as we said above, don’t be available to him answering the phone the minute he calls, but this is a different availability.

Being taken for granted isn’t the same as letting a guy think you are impossible to get hold of.

Become the most attractive person you could possibly be because when you love your life, you become magnetic and bring positivity wherever you go.

And that’s a guaranteed way to make a guy miss you.


No matter how young or old you are; whether in a relationship or after a breakup of a relationship, we all want to know we were missed or are missed when not together.

It is easy to become quite worked up about it, realizing that a breakup could well have been that simple, we were no longer missed.


In the above article, we have explored this question and given handy tips on what you can do to make a guy miss you in the first place, and then signs that he actually misses you when you are apart or you have broken up.

Missing someone depends on each individual relationship.

Each guy and each girl has their own set of circumstances.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all formula. 

Did you know breaking up activates the same part of the brain as if you were withdrawing from substance abuse?

That’s how intoxicating love can be and why a breakup can be so devastating – so much so that we can get a glow to our complexion when we are in love.

Naturally, we want to keep these good feelings going because heightened feelings of pleasure are highly addictive.

Suddenly, when we break up, the brain no longer produces the feel-good hormones.

Our emotions can even swing to the other extreme, and he might want you back only when he can see you as the one woman he just simply cannot do without.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do guys miss an ex after breaking up?

Men miss things that are no longer part of their life. If you are hoping that he gets back together with you, you will need to give a guy space and let him realize he misses you.

Keep to the no-contact rule and if he hooks up with someone else, then you know he has moved on.

If a guy regrets breaking up, how long does it take him to regret his mistake?

Men are doers; they don’t analyze relationships and will busy himself with other stuff if he has become free from a commitment.

They often even brag about their freedom to their friends, saying they don’t want a relationship.

So you might have to give him time to realize his regret, but still, he might not come back because of his ego.

Do guys hurt after breaking up?

Yes, guys can often feel the same emotions women do; they just often show their emotions in different ways.

You will have an inkling of how your guy is feeling by his reaction at the time you are breaking up.

It will be best to wait before both of you are less vulnerable before making contact again.

I want a guy to miss me after our breakup

Then you will need to live your best life and concentrate on yourself. It is an attractive thing to see an independent woman who is fun-loving, happy, and content with her own life.

No guy wants a desperate, sad, needy woman on his hands and he might go off with someone else.

Who hurts most after a breakup?

Research has taken place on this topic - read it here to see just how each group reacts to a breakup.