Do Women Like Guys with Long Hair? Here’s The Answer…

Long hair guys

  • Do girls like guys with long hair?
  • Are guys with long hair attractive?
  • Do women like long hair on men?

Boy, these questions drive me nuts, and I get them daily.

So, as usual, I’ve decided to create a comprehensive post about this subject.


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What Will I Learn?

Do Girls Like Men With Long Hair? Hmm…

Long-Hairs and boys are a match made in heaven. Or is it an exaggerated fantasy?

The length of hair plays a visible role in determining the look of a person.

Hairstyle changes often make boys appear more masculine, confident, and fashionable.

Men’s cravings for long hairstyles can be primarily attributed to two reasons.

  • Sometimes there is a fad to grow long hair amongst boys- but that is a short-lived style statement. It makes them appear trendy.
  • In some cases, popular movies, actors, sportspersons, and musicians tend to inspire the long hair look in boys.
  • In other cases, boys feel more masculine and confident with their long hair. They do it to attract the attention of girls.

Do girls like guys with long hair, be it short-lived or for long periods? Are guys with long hair attractive to girls?

There cannot be a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to that question.

Preference for women is unique. Some girls find long hair guys attractive.

Even though every girl is distinctive, collectively, the reasons highlighted by women have many similarities.

What does long hair signify in men?

Long-haired men are often perceived as bold and free.

From the age of ancient history, long hair has been a symbol of a non-conformist. Culturally, it has signified power.

But in modern times, do women still like long hair on men?

To answer that question, we need to know the science behind the attraction between men and women.

How do girls feel attracted to boys? Let’s know the science behind this!

There is a concept called ‘Assortative mating’ that helps to define the theory of attraction.

What is Assortative mating? And why does that matter?

Assortative mating is a pattern of selection of individuals.

In simpler terms, this is a psychological concept that helps to identify if a girl would be attracted to a boy based on physical and non-physical characteristics.

The attraction between two individuals is not entirely random.

Even though it varies from one person to another, we can identify a pattern of attraction for every individual.

Using this psychological scientific technique, we will help you determine if a physical appearance such as ‘ long hair or short hair’ may appear appealing to girls.

2 Reasons Why a Girl Feels Attracted to a Guy

1) Based on Genetic Type and Phenotypical Expression

Race, religion, the color of skin, and genetic types can also be factors for attraction.

An African American woman may feel more attracted to a colored man than a white man – though they may have similar hairstyles.

These are embedded characteristics due to upbringing, location, or education.

It cannot be easily changed.

However, with social media influences, girls and boys today are more inclusive, and genetic attractions have significantly lowered.

2) Based on Social, Societal, and cultural factors

In this case, women prefer men to can be their socioeconomic peers.

People who come from similar educational and cultural backgrounds.

For instance, a woman who enjoys gothic music is likely to be attracted to a gothic male with a long hairstyle because of the cultural connection.

Similarly, a woman attending a law school is unlikely to be attracted to someone with punk hairstyles.

But there is always a middle ground; even professional women or shy girls like to explore out of their comfort zone.


Because they find the hairstyle of the boys trendy.

A lot of long hairstyles in males are a balance between bold and behaved.

For instance, let’s take a man bun.

You can always make it slick and appear more professional without losing the touch of uniqueness.

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Why do girls like guys with long hair?

1) Long-Hair makes boys look handsome. 

The initial perception of any individual towards another is by their outer appearance.

It is imperative to understand that not every facial structure can pull off the long-hair look.  The styles of long hair that suits your face may not suit your friend.

Research can help identify your facial structure and see what haircuts may suit your face.

2) Long-Hair makes men look Confident

Confidence is the new Sexy!

That’s right!

No matter how many hours you have spent in the gym or how great your appearance is, everything is amiss if you are not confident about yourself.

Ugly guys with long hair can sweep off the perfect girl with this one trait – confidence.

You may be fit or fat, racially different, tall, or short, but if you are confident, there is added charm to your personality.

And girls love it! 

I have never heard any girl saying that they do not like confident men.

Many breakups have happened because girls feel that the boy was not confident enough, which comes off as a turn-off.

3) Long-Hair in men signifies a commitment.

We often confuse the idea of commitment to a long-term future.

You may be committed to yourself, your profession, your body, or your passion.

And many women like long hair on men as they feel it shows a sign of their dedication to their physical appearance.

Commitment Phobia is real, and girls like knowing that boys will take care of them and commit to their words – even if it is only a date or a casual relationship.

For serious relationship seekers, commitment for the long term means that the men will respect her emotions.

But Why do Women Associate Long Hair With Commitment? 

Because growing long hair is not an overnight job.

It takes months to grow and needs to be taken care of.  Healthy hair needs nourishment, as a healthy relationship needs care.

A man who commits to growing hair resembles one who has the patience to commit to a new bond.

Women like men who have a depth of character and possess commitment capabilities.

Long hair men stand out from the crowd 

From pulling off the punk look to a more mature ‘Brad-Pitt’ look, long hair men stand out from the crowd.

It gives a unique appearance to you. Which also signifies that you probably prefer unique things.

A girl would love a man who pays attention to understanding her unique lifestyle and choices.

Having long hair in boys is bold, and girls love long-haired boys because they appear to be badass.

Now there can be a flip side to this story.

Girls will not find you attractive if you cannot look strong and confident with long hair.

Long-haired Guys need to make a strong statement – that you are not afraid to be different.

These are the best long hairstyles that attract girls:

1) Man Bun

full man bun hair
Photo courtesy of HaircutInspiration

Need to try something simple yet classy?

Try the man bun. Pull your hair back and tie it into a knot.

You can have a slick bun or keep it messier, depending on how formal or informal you want the look.

Suited For

Best for oblong or oval facial structures, a top bun is more suited.

Round-faced people may not always find this look desirable.

The length of your hair determines the position of the hair bun. Pair it with a bearded look – and you’re oozing sensuality!

2) Pompadour

Pompadour hairstyle
Photo Credit: Agus Barber

Made popular by Elvis Presley, this haircut has become one of the most popular hairstyles for men.

Long hair pompadour in men is quite a craze among girls.

This style features short hair on the back and long hair in the front. The longer hairs on top make it ‘pomp’.

Suited For

Long pompadour with undercut makes men look attractive.

Depending on your facial structure, you can have medium to long hairs on the top.

Choose your style from a range of different pompadour paired with other hairstyles.

3) Quiff

Photo credit: Outsons

One of the most popular long hairstyles for men.

For doing a quiff, brush your hair forward and style it in waves using a mousse.

It’s simple, sexy, and hassle-free. This is one of the most versatile haircuts that can be styled with both long and short hair.

4) Long Hair with an undercut

Long hair undercut men
Photo credit:

From medium to long hair, you can try this hairstyle.

You have a short undercut on one side, while the other is long asymmetric.

This hairstyle can also be tried for frizzy or curly hair. Layer it or add a tapered fade to make a style statement.

Find a long-haired undercut style from a range of over 15 different styles.

5) Ponytails

Ponytail loose braid
Photo Credit: All Things Hair

Brad Pitt popularised this look for the last two decades.

David Beckham has also been spotted posing in a ponytail.

Pair it with a bandana or do a half-bun ponytail; this look is simple to recreate and can be paired with other styles.

Great for oblong facial structures but not suitable for round faces.

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Long Hairstyle in Men for Different Looks

Long hairstyle men

1) Romantic Look

a) Shoulder-length waves

Imagine a health ledger in ’10 things I hate about you’ – wavy, curly, and messy.

Generally, up to shoulder length and easy to maintain, this hairstyle has been a classic.

b) Long textured waves

It appears like a deconstructive pompadour haircut. It is carefree and can be styled easily with damn hair or a bit of hair mousse.

Put your hair behind the ears and part it middle/sideways.

It is suited for all facial types. Generally, clean-shaven or stubble is best suited to this hairstyle.

c) Soft curls

Jon Snow from Game of Thrones made this hairstyle popular among boys and girls.

This is another classic curl that is slightly messy.

No clear parting. Suited for round, oval, and diamond facial structures.

2) Rockstar Look

Musicians are often seen posing in different long hairstyles.

a) Punk Hairstyles

From fanned Mohawk looks to liberty spikes – punk hairstyles are bold.

There can be multiple different styles to suit all kinds of facial structures.

Nowadays, undercut edge hairstyles also are popular among punk sweethearts.

These types of hairstyles are popular among younger girls and music lovers. Want to try this look? Check out 51 Punk hairstyles here.

b) Gothic and Emo Look

Long straight dark hairs crossing your shoulders give you a gothic look. It’s easy to maintain, wash, and straighten your hair.

Keep it neatly trimmed to have a clean look.

Modern Emo hairstyles can also be widely varied.

Wavy to medium to short. Some emo hairstyles have asymmetric bangs with bold colors.

c) Braided Look

If you want long hair but don’t want to cover your face, go for braids.

Create many tight braids across the scalp and pair them with a man bun.

It adds an extra element to the look.

Feeling bold?

Go ahead and make a French braid starting from your forehead to the middle.

3) Long Hairstyles for African American men

Long Hairstyles for Black Men
Photo Credit: Men Hairstyles World

From dreadlocks to box braids, African men can easily pull of long hair.

Because of their clean-cut facial features and broad physique, most long hairstyles suit them.

  • Dreadlocks have been a cult favorite. They have never gone out of fashion.
  • Micro dreadlocks need well-maintained smooth hair and are indeed a major commitment.
  • Cornrows are another popular braiding style that looks great on African American men. This is popular among girls and boys and needs to be maintained. Do not keep cornrows for over eight weeks, as they can damage the hair.

Five steps to identify the perfect long hairstyle for you

By and large, in this blog, we have discussed how the attractiveness of a long-haired male depends on multiple factors.

That brings us to one of the most challenging questions – How to decide if you want long hair?

Step 1: Identify your Vibe

Understand the purpose of changing your hairstyle.

  • Do you identify with a celebrity or a group and want to follow their looks?
  • Want to look more confident and attractive?
  • Do you only want to impress women?

Once you identify your vibe, it will be easier for you to choose the hairstyle based on your knowledge.

Step 2: Match your physique with the hairstyle 

  • As mentioned earlier, whether a hairstyle would suit you depends on your physique’s core features.
  • High cheekbones, a broader temple, the structure of your nose, the shape of the face – these are a couple of things to consider.
  • Go online and search for similar hairstyles in models or actors. See if your facial features match them.

For instance, for a man bun, you may find men with oblong faces are more suited than those with round faces.

The quality of hair required for dreadlocks are more common in African American than in other races.

Know it before you do it!

Step 3: What kind of girls like men with long hair? 

If you are changing your hairstyle to attract women, you need to know this.

  • Generally, the kind of woman who prefers longer-haired men is edgy and bold. They crave the uniqueness that this look offers.
  • Research shows that outliers are attracted to outliers. She could be an introvert, too outspoken, very beautiful, or very self-conscious. Either way the casual girl-next-door is unlikely to go for an out-of-the-box choice.

Step 4: Over the Top or Playing it Safe 

  • You may go for medium-length hair with a hairstyle that is the current trend. If you are new to this, it’s okay to play it safe. Go with something that makes you comfortable.
  • You can also go out of your comfort zone and try something extreme. Both have their fair share of pros and cons.
  • Pulling off a bold hairstyle with confidence attracts girls a lot. But if you are certain you can do it, play it safe.

Step 5: Embrace your Changes

  • You may identify the perfect hairstyle for you and even do it, but it may be different from your expectations.
  • You may be very happy with your hairstyle but fail to attract female attention.
  • Do not get bullied or disappointed by the comments of friends and family. Value their opinions but you can carry off any look if you believe in it.

It takes a while to get accustomed to anything new. And having long hair is no different.

It is normal for young boys or men who are thinking about trying long hairstyles for the first time to feel apprehensive.

But generally, within a week or two, the style sets it.

It’s also essential to take care of your long hair and to maintain the style in regular gaps.

That ensures that the exact shape of the hair is sustained and you get the desired outcome.

In conclusion…

By and large, long hair on men is beautiful, and most girls (believe it or not) like guys with long hair.

There’s more to attracting a girl than just long hair.

That’s why I said at the outset that it depends on so many factors.

There’s a huge difference between attracting and keeping. Yes, your long hair might attract girls, but you cannot keep them if you have a shitty character or attitude.

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