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There are many girls who don’t want to discuss ordinary topics.

They are intellectual and smart.

As a guy, you would have to bring up your A-game in coming up with random questions to ask a girl of that kind.

Here are some deep questions to get you going.

What Will I Learn?

1) What is your biggest dream?

Smart people are always rearing to go for the next thing.

This will be a great way to connect with her. You might be surprised to find out that your dreams are similar.

This is one the finest question to ask a girl especially when she is that ambitious type and love her career.

She might also be passionate about something and this question will rekindle or reignite her dream for it.

Also, make sure you ask some follow-up questions.

This is extremely important to keep the conversation running smoothly.

2) If you were to choose between owning a business and traveling around the world, what would it be?

You can know where her heart is set, sharing business ideas or exotic locations you will like to visit.

Many girls would prefer the latter.

But it’s good to know opinion on this because it’ll show straight out the kind of girl she is.

A party-type or business-type.

3) What’s that life skill you think everyone should have?

This might seem simple on the surface but it has deeper extensions.

It will give you a view of her perception of life and survival.

In today’s cruel world filled with uncertainty, survival skills are a must and it’s very important to get to know hers.

It could also help you get to know one or two survival skills you need to acquire.

4) Do you believe in fate or the power of personal choice?

This question should lead to a robust discussion of the factors that influence humans’ lives.

You may not likely agree with each other’s beliefs but hearing her out will be interesting.

5) In what order would you rank career, money, health, and love?

You can get to know what is most important to her and what that could mean for a potential relationship or friendship with her.

This is not only a deep question but a personal one. It’ll be great to get to know her opinion on this matter because it’s really a subjective one.

6) What’s your biggest strength?

This shows her level of self-awareness.

You will also get an inkling of how she could be of help to you in your low moments.

I love asking this a lot!

You’ll almost always enjoy the answer.

If the girl is someone that likes expressing herself thoroughly, you’ll definitely want to grab a coffee and enjoy the time with her.

7) What are the weaknesses that have affected your success?

Her ability to analyze what went wrong with her plans will create a deep and lively conversation.

You could also give her pointers on how to make the best out of her flaws.

So the point here is not only to ask the question but also to listen attentively and try to find out if her weaknesses have affected her in a negative or positive way.

You could also offer advice or practical suggestions on how to overcome her weaknesses and make the best use of her strengths.

8) Science or the arts?

science and art

This is a good foundational question to familiarise yourself with her area of expertise.

It will help to have additional questions in each area to carry the discussion forward.

It also important you understand a bit of both subject yourself so it’ll be easier to move the conversation to a more deeper level.

9) Are you a stickler for rules?

She might be the type that sticks to the letters of the rules or a rebel that finds a way to do things the way she likes.

You can ask her to give a scenario that describes her type.

This is a very good deep question to ask a girl. Some girls like to follow rules while others don’t give a damn.

Be good to know her thoughts on those.

10) Do you have any controversial beliefs?

Nothing stirs up a conversation up more than controversy.

You should be ready to table your opposing convictions without getting agitated.

If you can’t handle the answer or you discern the conversation is getting too heated up, please tactfully end it and move on to another interesting deep question.

11) What is the deepest lesson you have learned in life?

There is a lot to be learned from other people’s profound experiences.

You may have to deal with some emotional reactions that might be triggered by recalling that memory.

The answer to this question most of the time will emotional so get ready to get overly emotional.

12) What system of government has the best interest of the people at heart?

You could have the next president right before you.

Her ideas will tell you what’s most important to her in regard to the common man’s welfare.

Many ladies don’t meddle or discuss politics but that doesn’t make the question less important than the ones here.

Some girls really do love to talk about politics and are even more concerned about the welfare of the citizens than most men are.

So sit back and relax and enjoy the answers to this question.

13) What do you think your singular mission in life is?

This is one deep question you can’t go wrong with it.

It will open her mind up to you and you can determine how driven she is.

Everyone adult in life has their motto and nothing could be better than knowing the life motto of the one you like.

Also, make sure you tell her yours too.

14) How would you describe your experience of being heartbroken?

This question will reveal her sensitivities to you.

It will also show you how she interprets other people’s actions towards her.

A word of caution though.

This may NOT be the right time to ask if her heart has been broken before.

You can wait until you get to know her the more before breaking the ice on that one.

15) Can you tell me what the world would look like in 50 years’ time?

Time travel can only be done by the brightest of minds.

You can have a wonderful time predicting things that would change and those that are likely to remain the same.

16) If you were to choose another career, what would it be?

lady thinking of career paths

It is possible she ended up doing something that was not her initial dream career or she discovered along the line that she could do better at something else.

You might be just the right person to give her the support to start a new career.

17) Do you judge a person by their appearance?

You may be able to get an indirect answer about her first impression of you. It could also reveal her general perception of other people.

It’ll be very nice to know her opinion on this as ladies tend to get attracted by appearance.

18) Do you think you will be the grumpy old grandma or the fun grandma?

This question should crack her up.

It might be something she had never thought of and it will be fun rolling the thoughts in her mind with you for the first time.

19) Are you the type of person who always has something to say when someone is going through a hard time or you will just listen and lend a supportive shoulder to lean on?

This will prepare you for what to expect when you hit a hard time.

Her choice doesn’t have to match your expectation.

So get ready to be shocked on this one but it’ll show you the kind of girl she is.

20) Do you need lots of alone time?

girl alone

It is important to be in tune with a girl’s personality type or you will end up in unnecessary conflicts.

Most deep persons are introverted and naturally want to spend some time alone. It’s good for people in a relationship to take a breather from each other.

21) If you could choose a song to tell the story of your life, what will it be?

The lyrics of the song should highlight the phases of her life that you may not know about and you also get to know her taste in music.

22) If you could have all the knowledge in the world or all the wealth in the world, what will you choose?

There is no right or wrong answer for this one.

If you think deeply enough, you will realize that each option is connected to the other.

Knowledge can create wealth and vice versa.

23) If you could end hunger or diseases in the world, what will you go with?

Tough choice.

Ask her to support her answer with reasons.

24) What characteristics do you like most in a man?

This goes beyond the usual evaluation of physical attributes.

You will know if she truly finds you attractive and interesting with her answer.

25) What is the most important thing you cannot do without in a day?

It could be something as simple as her coffee.

You will know not to get in the way of her getting it.


In conclusion…

Deep questions are designed to get you closer to a girl and it’s important you take the time to think through before asking these questions because most times, it might lead to a heated argument.

So go have fun!

Thanks for reading this article in its entirety.

Let me know your thoughts below.

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