If you want to date someone, you ought to follow the basic rule, i.e. the Golden rule of dating:

Give that regard and respect to your date, the same which you would love to get in return, irrespective of whatever age of women you are dating.

In case you’re dating a woman elder to you in age, she might as well just be more involved or might just be more serious about it, more than a younger woman would.

Whoever you are dating, be it a man or a woman, irrespective of whatever age he or she might be, you must follow the basic tips.

1) Being sensible and courteous will get you a proper impression, and in all probability, a second date and a second opportunity.

Never ever have that superiority complex, and act like you are doing a favor to the person you are dating.

When you feel that you are better looking or richer or younger than your date, or you have achieved something that your date hasn’t, these kind of issues crop up.

If it crosses your mind that your date is far inferior to you or beneath you, where is the necessity of going out with them at all?

2) Dating someone just after you have had a breakup, won’t help your heart recuperate sooner. Adding on to it, prevent discussing your ex in front of your date.

A couple breaking up

That certainly won’t help you a bit. Chill.

Your date doesn’t deserve this. So, don’t subject your date to such torture.

And make sure, that you are completely over and out of your previous relationship, before you take a plunge.

And even if you know each other for a pretty long time, I bet you guys will have a lot to ask.

3) Take the time. If you’re dating someone quite new and unknown, then give him/her the time to open up.

Give that space and comfort. Get to know about their likes and dislikes.

Do not rush. Take each step one by one.

Ask them everything casually to strike up a conversation, and make them comfortable. Don’t come across as desperate.

4) When you say a word, keep it. When you say that you guys will be cliquish, try to maintain that. When you commit, carry it out.

Accepting Responsibility

If you have the intention of being a “Player” or just to be cool, you will eventually end up making a joke out of yourself.

Breaking a promise or breaking someone’s heart doesn’t make you cool, nor does it make you a “Man”. Always try to keep your promises.

If you are not sure about something, do not make a commitment as it will take your relationship through a downward spiral.

The above said dating rules are easy to abide by. All you need to be is a courteous, honest, respectful, dignified and a good human being.

But, just in case you have issues following them, a good counselor is recommended.

There are relationship advisors who are ready to help your out with pithy tips.