If you thought toddlerhood was a real challenge, you must have changed your views after entering your teenage period.

Given this tender age and the vulnerability of it, almost every parent stays worried about the tumultuous times accompanying teens and the best way of keeping them safe.

Think of drugs, violence, rapes, harassment, dates, and problems associated with it and you will know why the age is something that one must consider.

Whether safety will be exercised entirely or not is a question, but then these might prove to be useful tips, suggestions, and hints to get them through at this time of their lives.

Be open with your teens and talk to them, particularly discussions related to dating will always help them know the real side of it.

Father to Talking Teenage Son

This includes the real age at which they can begin dating, who they should accompany and for how long, the curfews to be imposed and so on.

Going through these and more before your teen dating will help him or she gets over the insecurities and also resolve several ‘inevitable arguments’ related to the subject.

Often parents insist on letting their teens move into the dating phase gradually or take recourse to group dates as the stepping stone to dating.

This will not only allow their children to indulge in some fun and act independent but also feel at ease by putting them inside their comfortable support system.

The trick is to act balanced; hence your teen must know how to enjoy the date as well as abide the curfew time.

In case they happen to miss the time allowed in the curfew, they must be conveyed about the possible implications of the same.

As parents, you can decide on any activity that can happen on school nights.

A large number of parents allow teens to visit school-sponsored events like sporting ones, but curfews are imposed earlier.

Teens must be given the opportunity to gain trust.

You must give them a certain sense of freedom and thereby check to see their grades and performance in the class, for failing to live up to the latter clearly reflect they are not abiding or following rules.

When teens act responsible and are ready to undertake more, it only shows they are trustworthy.

The best way to respond to them is definitely by trusting them and also allowing them a little more freedom.

Freedom of a Girl

Reality said, kids feel accepted when they see they are trusted and their activities approved.

Eventually, they only try and please elders with time.

Regardless of the inhibitions surrounding discussions based on sex, addiction, company and the like, it’s the right time to talk about all these.

Teens need to understand ‘birds and the bees’ well, and if they do not get proper information from family members, it doesn’t mean their friends won’t.

However, the problem lies in getting incorrect details and developing weird ideas about it.

So isn’t it better to have the information from you as a parent?

Also, ensure that your teen gains an understanding of the various forms of abuse and the warning signs of such. It’s no point talking about physical or sexual harassment if you do not teach them verbal abuse qualifies as same.

The latter is more prevalent, and one tends to miss out on the warning signs.

Talk freely to your teens that their partner trying to control them by flirting with several others or threatening them time and again to break up if things do not work as per their whims and fancies or forcing them to break ties with their friends are all abuses, and your teen should not tolerate such behavior.

These little pieces of advice should work good for your teens and help them know from where they must begin.

After all, your kid should learn how that you will always love them and be beside them, come what may.