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  • Are you someone who want to know the desires of your partner?
  • Are you looking for simple but effective ways to move your relationship in the right direction?
  • Or are you looking for the best and most important questions for couples?

Then, you’re in the right place!

Right about now, you’re going to get your hands on 121 most important questions for couples that will help you;

  • Know the desires of your partner
  • Provide a way to move your relationship in the right direction and
  • Keep you guys together until death.

These questions will no doubt help you maintain or enhance the spark of love with your partner and help you start the renewal process of your relationship today.

So are you ready, buddy?

If so, let’s dive straight into it…

What Will I Learn?

121 Questions to Ask Your Spouse to Put The Spark Back In Your Relationship

couple talking

1) Have you ever done some things in the past that are embarrassing to you now when you are older (or wiser)? What are those things; can you share them with me so I can share mine thereafter?

This is apparently one of the questions many couples especially the young ones find a little annoying to ask and even to answer.

But truth is, it’s one of the best questions to ask and that is why it is on the number one spot.

It helps to reveal some of the past misdeeds of your spouse and could give you some insider knowledge into how best to respond when such situations arise in the near future.

Even though it doesn’t happen again, it’s still best to get a preview of their past relationship.

2) What are 3 things that you thought were not that important but were important when you reached certain points in your life? Can you explain in detail why these things are more important now?

couple discussing

Yea, this is another very important one to ask too.

There were some things that as young ones we found very unnecessary and insignificant.

But as we grow up and garner experiences and become mature, they become glaringly clear to us and we take them extremely important.

I not only ask my partner, I asked even my friends and relatives too especially my sister-in-law.

This questions will definitely reveal a whole lot about your spouse and she/he will take you way back to their childhood and relate wonderful experiences.

You’ll definitely love the answer.

3) If you had the power to change, add, or remove anything in this world, what would that be?

This question is definitely going to reveal in detail the REAL HIM or HER.

Simply a fantastic question to ask and that’s why it is among the top 3 on this page.

4) What are your views about snooping or spying? Have you ever tried snooping on someone before? How about me, did you try spying on me in any way?

MANY people today HATE spies.

A junior cousin to Trolling and an older brother to… (guess the answer).

5) In your view, what are your 2 strongest traits as a person?

Traits are what you makes you, you.

Wouldn’t it be more than pleased to know the traits of your partner?

6) Do you dream of being someone else? If so who is that person?

We’ve all had that dream of being someone we admire so much and just love their physical and psychological attributes.

7) In just 3 sentences, can you describe what life has taught you so far?

They say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Life has taught each and every one of us a lot of lessons and will continue to do so until we fade away.

The answer to this question will definitely reveal a whole LOT about your partner.

8) Do you believe in things like astral projection or psychic powers? Do you think they are real, or is it all just in our heads? Have you seen or heard of people who have such powers?

Another beautiful thought-provoking question to ask your partner. It’ll show his or her take on supernatural powers.

9) Do you think sex can be as incredible as it is pictured on television or in the movies?

That is a very hot topic for debate.

It’ll be fantastic to get to know her viewpoint on this matter as well.

10) What do you think is the most important thing when it comes to making love?

Another very hot topic especially among women.

This is exactly the kind of questions I’d like my wife to ask me.

It’ll reveal a lot about your love-making and how your partner views it in general.

This is one of the MOST important questions to ask your spouse.

You’ll get some cues on how to make love to him or her based on the answer you get.

11) If you had just one hour to speak directly to the Universe, and the Universe was willing to make concessions, what would you talk to the Universe about?

Simply an AMAZING and brilliant question.

I love this question so much but it couldn’t make it to the top 10 since the others are also incredibly great.

We all have a lot of things to say to the universe and most of them can be things that directly affect us personally.

12) Do you pray?

You’ll get know if your partner values prayer or not.

Personally, I wouldn’t even date someone who doesn’t take spiritual things especially prayer serious.

It shows a lack of trust in God.

But that’s mine. Yours can be different.

But it’s a very great question to ask your spouse nonetheless.

13) Compare our relationship with a vegetable or fruit; what would that vegetable or fruit be?

The answer to this question will be very hilarious as the question itself.

You’ll get to really know how he or she views your relationship and this can help smoothen the relationship the more.

14) If money were no object, where would you go?

Money rules the world, they say.

So it’d be nice to know where would go if money wasn’t part of the equation.

15) Do you take after your mother or your father or both? How?

Most people I know would say, their mother, especially for the ladies.

But research shows that the majority of the ladies takes most of their traits from their dads.

But take that with a large pinch of metaphorical salt because it’s just a study that hasn’t been solidified as proof.

So wouldn’t be nice to get her opinion on this.

16) What was the best meal you ever had in your life?

lady talking to her man

Yea, this is going to be a really cool question and it’s one would make the evening complete for you both.

Many ladies enjoy answering this question a lot and the funniest thing is that you can follow up with a really nice and cool question like; what’s the best meal you’ve ever cooked?

Or something along that line.

Secondly, also make sure you don’t go overboard on this by asking too many personal questions.

It’ll slide the conversation to another path you’d regret.

17) Do you still remember your early childhood? Can you share the most memorable event you remember when you were 3 or 4 years old?

Oh, this is one of my most favorite questions to ask. Talking and reminiscing about childhood is fun to do.

The answer to this question will almost always make you laugh really hard and trust me, you’re going to enjoy every minute of it.

I’ve asked it numerous times when I was still dating and it’s always proved to be the icebreaker for me almost all the time.

18) What in your opinion is the most important thing for you right now?

We all have something that’s incredibly important to us and it’ll be fantastic to know your partner’s.

But truth is, 7 out of 10 times, the answer to this question may lead to a deep discussion (talking from experience though).

19) Does anything concerning me remind you of excellent memories or excellent individuals in your past?

It’s indeed awesomely pleasant to know if you remind your spouse of pleasant memories of great individuals in his/her life.

This will also show if you two share some commonalities and you might be quite surprised that you two pretty much share some behavioral traits.

20) What is the one meal you cannot forget when growing up as a kid?

Almost the same question as number 16, but the question is purely about the meal your spouse love the most as a kid and what made it so momentous.

Many people, including me, will never forget some of the best meals we had back in the day growing up as little kids.

So it’ll be pretty nice to get the opinion of your partner on that.

21)  If you had $100,000 to spend in merely one hour, exactly what would you buy and why?

A really tricky question this is and I’d say with utmost certainty that it will reveal the financial side of your spouse.

And then, you would be able to know if he/she is a frivolous money spender or conscious money investor.

This is one the most vital question to ask someone you want to spend the rest of your life with and you’ll almost always find out who he or she really is when it comes to money matters.

22) If money were no object, just what would certainly be the first thing that you would do immediately?

Another tricky but smart financial question.

A lot of people view money as the end instead of a means to an end.

So let’s how your partner will view the world when money is no longer part of the equation.

It’s really not an easy question to answer, but it reveals a LOT about your spouse.

The answer to the question will definitely bring you close to the person.

23) From your observation, what are my best trait as a person? Where exactly do you feel I need improvement in my life?

Pretty straightforward, humble and honest self-examination question to ask a couple.

Asking this question alone will show that you’re indeed a very humble person that truly wants the best for the relationship.

And the answer boy will really be heart touching because your partner will tell you his or her most innermost deepest feelings for you and trust me, you’ll be respected for that.

So this question is truly an amazingly fantastic one to ask because it’ll not reveal the real you to person but help to strengthen the relationship/marital bond.

24) Do you like wrestling, boxing, or any kind of other sport that entails toughness and agility? Do you like the concept of being rugged elsewhere?

couple having fun

I especially don’t like extreme and violent sports. But many do including ladies.

In fact, I had this girl (a neighbor not a girlfriend) that loves boxing so, so much.

In fact, she could even give a full history of boxing and name some of the greatest boxers along with their strengths and weaknesses.

She’s indeed a wonderful fan of boxing.

But truth is, not all ladies are like that.

People that tend to like extreme or violent sports are sometimes rugged.

And I say sometimes because I know a few who loves these sports (like my former next door neighbor I mentioned) but are very kind-hearted and soft in the way they live their lives.

25) What do you think would be the finest present you can give to a person?

Raise your hand if you don’t love gifts or presents (you dare not raise yours).

Truth is, gifts make life more meaningful and rewarding.

It shows that someone somewhere values and cherishes you and want the best for you.

So wouldn’t it be great to know your partner’s best gifts for someone he loves and cherishes the most?

It could be you (and of course it should).

26) Can you think of a time in the past that you felt like quitting, but didn’t? Why did you not give up?

Life in this world can so pretty darn hard and tough.

When it hits you like a traffic jam, you would almost always feel like giving up.

Sadly, many have called it quit in life and some has even gone to the extent of committing suicide. Taking your life is never a solution to getting past the woes of this life.

And this perfectly reminds me of the statement; When life gives you a lemon, you make lemonade.

How true this is and you’d certainly not want to live with a person who gives up easily in life.

And that’s why this question is critically important.

Make sure you ask it! – It’s a command, my friend.

27) Do you still remember our initial kiss? What were you thinking when we had our first kiss?

If your spouse can’t remember the first day you both kissed, then, believe me, something isn’t right my friend.

You need to start asking serious questions about your relationship.

The only exception is if your partner had a memory loss (God forbid such).

So what am I saying; The answer to this question will reveal a lot about your relationship – if it’s headed in the right or wrong direction.

A very good romantic question to ask your spouse.

28) Can you tell me about your idea of a beloved? Do you think we have a real passion for one another or not?

I’d say with all honesty that as a couple, you two should be passionate about each other.

If the answer to this question is kind of negative, then it’s high time you guys sat down have a REAL DEEP discussion about moving the relationship forward.

And if you feel (after the discussion) that the relationship isn’t going to work out, then you guys may want to separate or go your different ways.

This question will no doubt reveal a lot about how your spouse sees the relationship.

29) Would you really feel different about me if you discovered that I was bisexual, or if I had some bisexual propensities?

Yea I’ll feel completely different, no doubt.

I’ll tell you my feeling straight out.

But how would you or your partner feel?

This is a really great question to measure out your partner’s tolerance towards some delicate matters.

30) Would you be much more curious about me if I was a lot more vigorous, or less vigorous?

spouse talking

A tricky question once again.

The first answer to this question would be; what do you mean by being vigorous?

You have to answer that if you chose to ask this question.

Your interpretation of ‘being vigorous’ would be completely different from mine.

So if you know your own interpretation then go ahead and ask the question.

But if you don’t, do not dare to ask.

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Extra Random Questions For Couples

couple walking and talking

31) What do you think is the most incredible thing we have done as a couple? Would you like to do it again, or should we discover another thing to pursue?

32) Exactly what is the happiest memory you have had with me?

33) Do you before think that you would be healthier with another man/woman?

34) If you could paint me a photo now, what would the image be, and why did you choose to draw this?

35) What do you find interesting about me when we are having s*x?

36) Have you ever experienced fantasies about us being alone in some cool spot and doing something special?

37) In ten years, do you think we would still be together?

38) Just what would you like me to keep in mind when I am eighty-something years old?

39) Are you satisfied with our relationship? What exactly makes you really delighted when you are with me?

40) What do you think is your biggest strength that is stronger than mine?

41) What is your take about happiness? What, in your opinion, is REAL happiness?.

42) Do you think I sob too much?

43) What exactly is the most interesting aspect of my life you love the most?

44) If we were to purchase a dog tomorrow, what would you name it and what breed would it be?

45) In your opinion, where is the most suitable place to reside in the globe? Why do you think that is the best location for our family?

46) How do you feel about our relationship right now? Do you feel it is absolutely necessary that we address these concerns immediately so we can be satisfied and happy with our marriage?

48) Do you have any personal standards when it comes to a house and household life? Do you believe these requirements are being met right now, or do think something needs to be changed?

49) Are the kids making you go nuts and what is it they do that drives you crazy all the time?

50) What are some of the things you like and don’t like about our home?

51) What is those stuff you feel we can or can’t do without?

52) What do you think about our lifestyle now? Do you feel we have to boost it, or is it okay with you?

53) Are you troubled by several of things that we have in our storage space? Do you desire to trash some things away immediately?

54) If it were totally up to you, what exactly would you alter in our house?

55) Are you content with the type of house we live in, or do you long for a different class of house?

56) Are you happy with our present environment, or do you occasionally feel that you would be better off in another place?

51) What do you think are our chances for a successful and happy relationship or marriage? Is it pretty slim or pretty great?

52) Why do you think that making the decision to get married seems more and more difficult nowadays?

53) Why do you think that so many relationships and marriages fail today?

54) How do you think couples can improve their chances of relationship/marital success?

55) What are some good reasons for wanting to commit to a person and get married?

56) Why do you want to commit to/marry your spouse?

57) How important do you think love is in a successful relationship/marriage?

58) How can you tell the difference between love and infatuation?

59) Do you know what infatuation is?

60) Do you believe in love at first sight?

71) Why do you want to marry your spouse?

72) Do you think it’s bad to idealize a lover?

73) How selfish/unselfish do you think you are?

74) Do you think that a person can be in love with more than one person at the same time?

75) Do you think your spouse has strong enough feelings for you, for your love to last?

76) Have your parents given you a good and healthy understanding of love and marriage?

77) How well do you know the physical facts about s*x?

78) What do you think about s*x before marriage?

79) What do you think about the current popular s*x standards of today?

80) What do you think are ideal s*x standards for today?

81) What do you think about p*rnography?

82) What would be a sound social policy regarding s*x?

83) What do you think about continuing social relationships with the opposite sex after commitment or marriage?

84) How far do you think a couple can go sexually before marriage?

85) Do you think you’re old enough and ready to marry?

86) Do you think you’re mature enough for a successful relationship/marriage?

87) Do you think you could you meet the mental, emotional and physical demands of marriage?

88) Could you, as a wife/husband support the household with reasonable efficiency?

89) Do you think you would make a good parent?

90) Do you think you would be a good long-term companion?

91) Do you think you can you earn a substantial enough living?

92) What do you think about a wife working?

What do you think about a wife/husband going on work trips without you?

93) How much savings do you think a couple should you have in the bank before they marry?

94) What adjustments do you think a wife needs to make to continue in outside employment?

95) How much of your own work will you do after marriage?

96) What plans do you think a couple should make after the children have grown, and have moved out of home?

97) After a couple marries, who should get how much, and by what plan?

98) What do you know about budgeting?

99) Have you carefully considered you and your partner’s spending preferences?

100) Can you be frugal if necessary?

101) Can you accept your partner as they are, right now?

102) Do you think your attitude towards life is appreciative or demanding?

103) On what basis do you think a person should choose their relationship/marriage spouse?

104) How well do you think you and your spouse know each other?

105) Do you think that opposites attract?

106) What’s most important to you in your relationship/marriage?

107) How do you think that introvert-extrovert differences affect a couple’s relationship/ marriage chances?

108) How flexible and adjustable do you think you are in a relationship/marriage?

109) Will there be a leader in the relationship or marriage? If so, who will be the leader, and why?

110) How much do you think you can change a person after commitment or marriage?

111) What do you think can be done about a partner who’s too domineering/submissive?

112) Do you think your attitude towards life is appreciative or demanding?

113) On what basis do you think a person should choose their relationship/marriage partner?

114) How well do you think you and your partner know each other?

115) Do you think that opposites attract?

116) What’s most important to you in your relationship/marriage?

117) How do you think that introvert-extrovert differences affect a couple’s relationship/ marriage chances?

118) How flexible and adjustable do you think you are in a relationship/marriage?

119) Will there be a leader in the relationship or marriage?

If so, who will be the leader, and why?

120) How much do you think you can change a person after commitment or marriage?

121) What do you think can be done about a partner who’s too domineering/submissive?

In conclusion…

A successful relationship can be hard to achieve but it’s completely doable.

May these question game for couples help you keep the thrill in your relationship and have not only a satisfying relationship but a successful one at that.

So it’s your turn.

Let me know the questions you’d love to ask your spouse in the comment section below.

Have a lovely day ahead.

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