Young men these days are keeping true to the old adage- ‘age is just a number’.

It really is in the mind and the more liberal-minded youth of today are dating women in their 40’s and 50’s. Older women who seek out much younger men are referred to as cougars.

Cougar is another name for the North American puma.

Middle-aged or older women bear almost no resemblance to the North American mountain lion but the uncanny similarity in their hunting techniques merits the choice of the name.

Older women are now looking hotter and more stylish than ever and clueless young romantics are the perfect prey for them.

With age comes maturity and with it comes confidence. Men nowadays like confident and bold women who are more mature than they are dramatic.

Such women bring out the best in their men.

Dating young listless college girls may seem attractive at first, however the incessant drama, which always seems to follow young girls around, will take its toll on you.

And let’s face it older women are more experienced in the bed as well! Maybe you could learn a thing or two.

Here are a few tips for you if you are looking to date an older woman.

1) Every human being is different and so are women.

Group of Women

Each woman has her own unique set of likes and dislikes and you should try to know a woman deeply no matter their age if you are looking for a successful date.

Try not to assume that she is like any other girl and take the time to really know her, if you don’t want to bite the dust that is.

This holds especially true for older women as with age they have had their fair share of experiences and time to figure out what they want out of life.

Don’t presume what she wants or try to dictate her as it puts them off.

Doing so reveals your insecurities and weakness in character which is detrimental to your efforts to court her.

2) Try not to be cocky and act as if you are doing the woman a favor by going out with her.

Cock Kevin

A lot of young guys are under the false impression that women should be grateful to them for showing attention.

On the contrary, it is young men who should be grateful that such hot, confident and intelligent women choose to date them.

3) Clean yourself up and look like a proper man.

Responsible Man

This doesn’t mean you have to put on a tuxedo every time you go out on a date.

Get rid of the hip look which you may have used thus far to successfully pick up young women. Your punk persona is not going to impress a cougar.

Do not follow trends blindly. Know what looks good on you and dress sensibly. Take care of your health and physical appearance.

Try not to look like the local weed dealer and dress for the occasion.

If dating an older woman intrigues then I suggest you go for it. Women, like fine wine, gets better with age and is an acquired taste.