Cute Compliments to Say to A Girl – Best Compliments to Give a Woman

Compliments for women

According to a University of Zurich researcher, Christoph Korn, when you receive a compliment, it lights up the same two neurological reward centers that are lit up during orgasm.

And when it comes to girls and women, then a guy needs to have an excellent cache of meaningful and sincere compliments to light up her face.

It’s important.

“Why?”, you ask.

Because if you want to get a girlfriend, one of the top ways to get started is to start with a compliment.

It’s pretty easy and straightforward to flatter someone in that you have a romantic interest.

It usually makes them flirt back too, which can be a pretty win-win situation.

Not all compliments are the same though.

If you want to win your way into a girl’s heart or to crack a warm welcoming smile from her, then you have to find the ultimate compliments to give that girl or woman.

There are also right ways and wrong ways, but fortunately, we have a very handy list of top compliments that might turn a girl into your crush.

What Will I Learn?

Even though she secretly will love your compliments, there are some women who just can’t accept compliments – you might win her over!

That’s because a lot of women put themselves down.

They don’t have the confidence to just relish the compliment because they can’t believe it’s true of what is being said about them. Some women can’t acknowledge a compliment and some just go all silent.

In the last few years, research shows that when it comes to women, they don’t like to be seen as being too confident or cocky by other women.

With confident, bold men often try to come across as modest and self-effacing.

Women with not so much self-esteem will also often reject compliments because the external positivity clashes with how they view themselves internally. 

But then of course they are pressured to meet impossible standards of beauty; being pressured to improve all the time.

But you can win them over with your positivity and these fantastic compliments!

Follow these steps to make all your compliments a win

1) Be unique

Because often the typical compliments that lots of guys say like “your hair is so long and sexy” or “You’ve got a nice smile” sometimes can sound superficial.

Always be authentic and speak from your heart, because good compliments are usually when you have made the effort to know someone.

2) Be sincere

That might sound like a no-brainer but when you are insincere, your compliments can come across as an obligation; like you are expected to say it or the girl is expecting you to say it – it can come out as dishonest and half-hearted.

Stick to praising her about stuff you believe in.

3) Don’t let it be only about physical appearance and compliments

It’s true that men are hugely attracted to beautiful women with fit, stunning bodies; there’s no denying that.

But because it’s so important to a man, they often overestimate women wanting to be complimented on their appearance.

Women love compliments around their personality, their humor, and intelligence – because they probably want to avoid conversations around physical aspects.

So if you want to get messages back, you could start with things like her hobbies and other things such as the above.

The non-physical compliments let a woman know you like her for her, not just what she looks like.

A 2009 study from the Association for Psychological Science indicates that saying “you are attractive” or “you are beautiful” can hurt women with low self-esteem.

4) Be original without saying the stuff other guys say all the time

Vocabulary and being smart in what you say can demonstrate to your bae that you are educated, eloquent, and intelligent! – All big turn-ons.

You will know all about avoiding the subtle ways of working a compliment that can make you come across as a genuine guy or a condescending jerk.

You will know not to point out shortcomings.

5) Remember that the context matters

For instance, don’t say “I love your laugh” when the girl you are trying to win over is sitting silently.

Wait until you’re joking and laughing, and then say it casually like you really mean it.

You want your compliments to come across as unrehearsed; off-the-cuff.

6) Be bold

Because it oozes confidence and appeal!

Right, here we go!…

Great Compliments For Women – The Ultimate List

Guy complimenting a girl

1. “I Always Learn So Much From You.”

2. “You’ve got such nice eyes/teeth/lips/hair.”

3. “How did I get so lucky to have you in my life?”

4. “Nobody makes me happier than you.”

5. “You always make me feel so comfortable.”

6. “I can see so much warmth in your eyes.”

7. “You have such good taste.”

8. “You are so smart.”

9. “I love your smile.”

10. “You are my everything.”

11. “I could listen to you for hours.”

12. “You look prettier than a picture.”

13. “I think you are perfect just the way you are.”

14. “You take my breath away.”

These compliments, if you use them, are great for giving when you are interested in becoming more than a friend.

Just make sure she seems somewhat interested in you too.

15. “Aren’t you the sweetest!?”

16. “You light up any room that you walk into.”

17. “How do you look so beautiful all the time?”

18. “You make me feel so lucky when I’m around you.”

19. “You always know how to surprise me.”

20. “You’re the reason my life feels so perfect.”

21. “Spending time with you is the highlight of my day.”

22. “You are such a good dancer.”

23. “You understand me so well, it’s like you can read my mind.”

24. “I wish I could have met you years ago.”

25. “I haven’t met a person who’s as nice and caring as you.”

26. “Your eyes are so expressive and beautiful I can’t help but get lost in them.”

27. “You make me want to be a better man just so I can be more worthy of your love.”

28. “I think God was high when He created you because there’s no one else who comes so

close to perfection.”

29. “I start my day with you on my mind and end my day with you in my dreams.”

Don’t be Creepy

 However, there is a condition, as everything usually has – A bad compliment won’t go down well – then people can get annoyed with you and even consider you creepy or insensitive.

So how do you give a perfect complement to a woman that shows your appreciation of her without being a creep?

The best ones and the more genuine ones are those that simply express your love, gratitude, and appreciation for those around you.

This doesn’t matter who the people are – whether they are girlfriends, guy friends, colleagues, family members; anyone who has been a positive influence in your life will need to get good compliments.

30. “I bet you make babies smile.”

31. “You have impeccable manners.”

32. “You are the most perfect you there is.”

33. “Your perspective is refreshing.”

34. “You should be proud of yourself.”

35. “You’re more helpful than you realize.”

36. “You’ve got all the right moves!”

37. “Your kindness is a balm to all who encounter it.”

38. “You’re even more beautiful on the inside than you are on the outside.”

39. “When you’re not afraid to be yourself is when you’re most incredible.”

40. “You’re a candle in the darkness.”

41. “Actions speak louder than words, and yours tell an incredible story.”

42. “In high school, I bet you were voted “Most likely to keep being awesome.”

43. “You’re really something special.”

44. “Babies and small animals probably love you.”

45. “You’re more fun than a ball pit filled with candy.”

46. “You always know how to find that silver lining.”

47. “You’re more fun than bubble wrap.”

48. “How do you keep being so funny and making everyone laugh?”

49. “You have the courage of your convictions.”

50. “You are making a difference.”

It’s key to let your girl know you love her in every way imaginable way to keep your relationship dynamic and on the move

Compliments for girls can start off being quite simple, like telling her she’s beautiful – that is a no-brainer.

But you will want to level up from the depths of your soul later with these:

Check out these catchy compliments to say to a girl…

51. “You’re a gift to those around you.”

52. “You are astoundingly gorgeous and that’s the least interesting thing about you.”

53. “Your one smile can make my day.”

54. “You are so wise.”

55. “You’re perceptive.”

56. “You’re a brilliant listener.” (Awesome compliment!)

57. “You are very good at seeing the best in people, even when everyone else sees the worst.”

58. “You’re the person everyone wants on their team.”

59. “If I threw something at you with no warning, I bet you’d catch it.”

60. “You have an adventurous spirit.”

61. “I always learn so much from you.”

62. “Talking to you is so refreshing.”

63. “That’s an excellent choice. I’m glad you picked that.”

64. “You’re a strong and optimistic woman. Never change that about you.”

65. “Every guy in this room has been staring at you.”

66. “There’s just something about you…”

68. “I love your enthusiasm.”

69. “I appreciate your trust.”

70. “You’ve got a killer work ethic.”

71. Your positive attitude is infectious.”

72. “I love your ideas.”

73. “You always know exactly what to say.”

74. “Is there anything you CAN’T do?”

75. “Your outlook on life is amazing.”

76. “There’s ordinary, and then there’s you.”

Here are some funny compliments that always go down well

77. “Even if you were cloned, you’d still be one of a kind. And the better-looking one.”

78. “Not only are you unique, but you’re also the most special of them unique.”

79. “Your face makes other people ugly.”

80. “You’re so good-looking that nobody else can be gorgeous so long as you are.”

81. “You are more unique and wonderful than the smell of a new book.”

82. “You’re hot.”

83. “Looking like a complete idiot with you is really fun.”

84. “You’re so amazing that it almost makes me feel insecure, except that I’m so busy having a blast with

85. “I can be myself around you and I love that you feel like you can be yourself around me.”

86. “I would go on an 18-hour road trip with you, I like you that much.”

87. “Luckily, you’re not a drug, because I would be a nasty addict and you’d have to pay for rehab.

88. You are not someone I pretend to not see in public.

Learning how to compliment a girl properly is going to take your verbal confidence to new levels.

When you are dating someone, you will want to make the most of every opportunity.

Using compliments like these will keep you connected to her.

Saying the right things at the right time is going to make a quality connection with your ‘gf’.

Check out these meaningful compliments

89. “You’re an amazing parent”

90. “You’re brave”

91. “You’re a good homemaker”. By the way, your home can reveal some things about you!”

92. “Your wedding was the best I’ve ever been to.”

93. “You’re the best teacher I’ve ever had.”

Mike Goldstein, who is the founder and lead dating coach of EZ Dating Coach, says that the most meaningful compliments he ever got were a positive one and a negative one.

The positive one from a friend was “You’re extraordinary and can accomplish anything”.

A colleague handed him the negative one, saying “You’re crazy and your ideas will never work.”

It’s true to say that you do get different types of compliments.

People’s perceptions of you are much different than what you perceive yourself to be

94. “My son told me he wished that I could be his teacher”

95. “You’re always smiling.”

96. “You inspire me”

97. “I have faith in you”

98. “You’re a lioness”

99. “You’re an amazing advocate”

100. “You were raised right”

101. “You’re like coming home”

102. “You’re not afraid to ask questions”

103. “I admire you”

What every woman loves her boyfriend to think about her

104. “You’re brilliant!”

105. “You’re beautiful.” – It’s still true!

106. “I’m proud of you.”

107. “You changed me.”

108. “I’m so lucky to have you.”

109. “You’re really a good person.”

110. “You’re simply the best I’ve ever had.”

111. “I love how I can be myself around you.”

112. “I love the way you think.”

113. “I adore you.”

114. “I’m really glad I met you.”

115. “I love your quirks.”

116. “You make my life better.”

117. “You’re one of a kind.”

A woman loves compliments from men that tell her she is sexy and wanted

118. “You know what I love about you?”

119. “You’re right.”

120. “You look amazing.”

121. “We’re in this together.”

122. “Last night was incredible.”

123. “If you want to talk, I’m here.”

124 “What’s the most meaningful experience you’ve ever had?”

“Your partner is not an extension of you, but an entirely different individual,” says Anjhula Singh Bais, Ph.D. – International psychologist and author.

Compliments about your girlfriend’s personality and views

125. “It’s admirable how you manage to stay calm and collected in any situation.”

126. “You have such a positive aura.”

127. “I am exhilarated by your energy and passion.”

128. “I’ve never met anyone as trustworthy and honest as you.”

129. “You have an amazing sense of humor.”

130. “I love that you are always true to yourself.”

131. “You always take the initiative, and I admire that in you.”

132. You have such great communication skills.

133. “No, you don’t look fat.”

134. “I don’t understand, but I’m going to try.”

135. “How can I support you?”

136. “I’m feeling…”

137. “You are so sexy.”

138. “Can I get your perspective on this?”

139. “I love you.”

140. “I made plans for us for Saturday night.”

141. “One of your best qualities is…”

142. “I love spending time with you.”

143. “I’ve got this.”

144. “The truth is…”

145. “Tell me about your day.”

146. “I’m sorry that happened to you.”

147. “I feel like I can tell you anything.”

148. “I respect you because…”

149. “Wow, that guy was checking you out!”

150. “What do you need from me?”

151. “Your work is so important.”

152. “Thanks for taking care of that.”

153. “You’re the only one for me”

For the older women and wives who also need compliments!

154. “I’m so glad we ended up together.”

155 “I understand how important this is to you.”

156. “Let’s talk about Jenny’s grades tomorrow. Tonight should just be about us.”

157. “I’ve been fantasizing about making you feel good.”

158. “Put the 14th on your calendar; I’m taking you away.”

159. “I’ll draw you a bath.”

160. “You deserve a long weekend with your girlfriends. I’ll watch the kids.”

161. I adore your freckles.”

162. “I’ve always thought it would be fun if you didn’t use your hands.”

163. “Let’s show the kids our honeymoon photos.”

164. “I’ll meet you in the bedroom after I fold the laundry.”

165. “The weather’s terrible. Let me pick up the kids from daycare.”

In a study in 2003 that 3,500 people were involved in, researchers at the University of California at Riverside found that men who helped with domestic chores were found to be more sexually attractive to their partners than those who hardly ever pitched in to help around the house.

Women prefer their partners to be protective and heroic.

They don’t want the risk-takers and the reckless – this according to a study from Evolution and Human Behavior.

A woman looks for a mate who will be a provider and a protector of her and her children says William Farthing, Ph.D., and professor of psychology at the University of Maine.

For the sexy girlfriend…

166. “I think it’s sexy that you’re such a hard worker.”

167. “You are a seductive temptation.”

168. “Your lips are so kissable.”

169. “The way you smile makes me weak.”

170. “I find you really intoxicating. I think I’m drunk of you.”

171. “Your body is a wonderland.”

172. “You and your body ooze sex appeal.”

173. “Those heels make your legs look even hotter.”

174. “You don’t need a push-up bra. Your breasts are the perfect size.”

175. “The way your hips sway when you walk is super sexy.”

176. “You know, you even look pretty when you cry.”

177. “Not only are you the best lover I’ve ever had, but I think you’re the best cuddle buddy I’ve ever had.”

178. “You don’t have to shave for me, but I appreciate that you do.”

179. “Every time I see you smile, I can’t stop myself from smiling.”

180. “That selfie you uploaded today should’ve gotten more likes. You looked drop-dead gorgeous in it.”

181. “My parents can’t stop talking about how much they love you.”

182. “Everything sounds beautiful when it comes out of your lips.”

183. “I could listen to you talk all day.”

184. “All of my friends think you’re the girl I should marry. And I agree.”

185. “I could never thank you enough for how much happiness you’ve brought into my life.”

Your girlfriend will appreciate you being so observant

186. “I love the designs on your nails. How’d you do that?”

187. “You have the best music taste.”

188. “Are you wearing new lipstick? It makes you look delicious.”

189. “Your outfit matches your eyes perfectly.”

190. “I had the most romantic dream about you last night.”

191. “I love that snort you make when you laugh.”

192. “You have the cutest nose.”

193. “That perfume smells like heaven.”

194. “Is that a new bra? It makes your chest look amazing.”

195. “Whenever I see your smile, all I want to do is grab you and kiss you.”

196. “Your teeth are so white.”

197. “I love who I am when I’m around you.”

198. “Those sweatpants make your butt look fantastic.”

199. “Your singing voice is absolutely adorable.”

200. “Your lips are my favorite thing in this entire world.”

201. “You have gorgeous cheekbones.”

202. “You’re the smartest woman I’ve ever met.”

203. “You honestly have what it takes to become a model.”

204. “Your birthmarks make you look even cuter.”

205. “That pocketbook makes your outfit look ridiculously stylish.”

206. “Every inch of your body tastes delicious.”

207. “I love the scent of your hair. What shampoo do you use?”

208. “Those glasses make you look insanely sexy.”

209. And I love the way your hair looks after you straighten it.

210. “I love how well you handle your liquor.”

211. “Your makeup looks flawless.”

212. “You’re the most hysterical person I’ve ever met.”

213. “Have I ever told you that you look adorable when you eat?”

214. “You make me want to become a better person.”

215. You’re the only woman I want to spend my life with.

216. “Your hair is so soft and smooth.”

217. “You look the most beautiful as soon as you step out of the shower.”

218. “I had no idea it was possible to love another person as much as I love you.”

Compliments about her physical attributes

219. “Your eyes are lovely.”

220. “Your body is so fit.”

221. “What’s the secret to your extraordinary beauty?”

222. “You shimmer in the light.”

223. “You look stunning no matter what you wear.”

224. “Your lips are so mesmerizing because they outline such a beautiful smile.”

225. “Your fragrance is so irresistible.”

226. “The way you talk is so soothing.”

227. “You look like a heavenly deity when you sleep.

228. “Your smile is so beautiful that everyone needs to see it.”

229. “How do you manage to look so beautiful all the time?”

230. “You always look so professional and polished.”

To girls you are highly attracted to

231. “Your kisses are like mellow raindrops on my skin.”

232. “When will I see you again?”

233. “Breathtaking is not enough of a word to describe you.”

234. “I can’t help but find myself lost in your eyes. It’s just that they convey such deep meaning.”

235. “You are dazzling to me.”

236. “You are tremendously elegant.”

237. “You have an alluring appeal.”

238. “Whenever I see you, I feel a tingling sensation in my heart.”

239. “Ordinary events are always made romantic and extraordinary because of your presence.”

240. “You smell like a field of blooming flowers.”

241. “You’re beautiful all the time, but when you smile like that, I swear my world stops.”

242. “I wouldn’t miss spending time with you for anything.”

243. “You are my reason for living. There’s something about you that makes me feel alive every single day.”

244. “When I think of strong women, I think of you.”

245. “I keep wondering what makes you so infinitely fascinating.”

246. “Every day is a celebration with you around.”

247. “You must be an enchantress. Everything is just so enchanting about you.”

248. “If friendships came with price tags, I would never be able to afford you.”

249. “I love making you laugh.”

250. “I’ll always have your back.”

251. “You’re my best friend.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it strange to send a girl a compliment over text?

The short answer no. The longer answer is it depends, because women, like men, adore getting compliments.

So yeah, you can compliment a girl over text. Just bear in mind, it should be complimentary and not flirty. Something like “it’s so nice talking with you” or “you look great today” will make her day.

How do I answer when I get a compliment?

You can answer by these types of examples:

  • “Thank you; it makes my day to hear that.”
  • “Thank you; I really appreciate you taking the time to express that.”
  • “I really put a lot of thought into this, thank you for noticing.”

How do I recognize fake compliments?

  • You heard him/her giving someone else the exact same compliment.
  • They behave overly super-kind about something just superficial.
  • They take something specific about you that they mention and then always compliment you on that specific thing every time they see you.
  • They often compliment you and then insult themselves almost in the same sentence. They are either desperate for you to like them or they are looking for a compliment back.
  • I gave a girl a compliment and now she thinks I am into her

    It’s true that some girls will become interested in you if you compliment them. It is common with lots of girls and guys to react differently from others. She might tell you to stop hitting on her in a friendly joking manner.

    But if she is embarrassed about it, rather stop right there, apologize and tell her that you are not into her. But be completely honest and gentle.

    Be firm that you were just being friendly and building a friendship. Some women will see a compliment as an intimacy cue and some will see it just as you being friendly.

    Let her know she has the wrong idea without embarrassing or shaming her.

    One friendly compliment you could use here to end it is "You're a nice, smart girl, but I like you just as a friend, not a girlfriend. I hope you're OK with that."


    Today, people are forever receiving compliments on social media, on WhatsApp; whether they are ‘gifs’ or videos, or personal words; they certainly make others feel good.

    Positive people with positive genuine compliments make others want to be around them.

    Giving compliments is a form of leadership and influence, actually; many people want to follow your example.

    And usually, those positive people who give happiness and positivity to others usually come back to them over and over again.

    Think about yourself – when was the last time someone gave you a genuine compliment? Remember how it made you feel?

    Compliments don’t just make the people whom we give them feel great, but they also enhance our own happiness and feelings of self-confidence.

    When a genuine compliment is given because you see the good in others, it has powerful benefits.

    When we respect and appreciate others, we become a magnet for their reciprocated love.

    How do you give a compliment?

    You give it without expecting anything in return.

    When you are in love or highly attracted to a bae that you have your eyes on and you want to send real compliments to, she is certainly going to revel in the power of your words.

    She will see the warmth in your smile and the genuine appreciation and love in your eyes.

    Compliments, too, are good for health, but not if they are fake.

    So whether you are admiring your partner’s fantastic beautiful face, her cooking skills, or what her beliefs are in life, you will know that compliments are extremely important.

    For instance, research shows that when compliments are given in the workplace, performance is enhanced and general happiness is increased.

    That’s not bad when you consider that genuine compliments are completely free and take seconds to deliver.

    And compliments are better given than received because when you give them, you make interactions more enjoyable, bringing out warmth from others and favorable impressions glinting in their eyes.

    When it comes to your special woman or gal in your life, well, you’ll understand James Bond perfectly!

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