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When you are bored, it is very likely that you are also blank on what to do to get rid of the boredom.

Don’t give up just yet as you can explore several options on things to do when you are bored.

The following are 26 practical and everyday solutions to get over boredom that have been tried and trusted.

1) Try a New Hobby

Man trying a new hobby

Trying out a new hobby comes with a calm feeling of excitement.

The usual hobbies you participate in may have become all too familiar and might even be the reason for your boredom in the first place.

So, go ahead and make a list of hobbies you would like to try out.

It could be something as simple and laid back as growing vegetables or flowers in your backyard

But, if you are gunning for more adventure, you can take it to the outdoors and try out hiking, camping or kayaking.

2) Play an Interactive Multiplayer Game

Lady playing games

Because humans are social beings, we tend to flourish better while in constant interaction with others.

You will find that playing a game with a human opponent in virtual real-time awakens the competitive spirit in you and your mental faculties would be busy forming strategies to come out tops.

You would need a fast and reliable internet connection for most interactive multiplayer games.

Snooker, Word and Car Racing games are a few examples of games with multiplayer settings.

3) Binge-watch a TV Series

Lady watching TV series

Most TV series are created in such a way to get you hooked such that you cannot wait to see what happens after each episode.

Watching many episodes at a sitting means you would not have to wait for the usual weekly suspense.

You can download and watch series with rave reviews from friends, or you could pick up DVDs you have been stashing for your free time.

If by any chance, you are not enamored by your first choice, you can switch to another that interests you more.

4) Go Window Shopping

Woman doing window shopping

Window shopping is a great way to get past boredom, and it can also help you make decisions on future purchases beforehand.

Take a stroll or drive to a supermarket or mall close by and enter different stores that you would not normally patronize to discover new things.

To avoid being coaxed into unplanned buying, it is advisable to leave your debit/credit cards at home and take along only small cash.

5) Have a Day Out With Friends

Guy playing with friends

While it is normal for a person to crave time alone now and then, hanging out with friends remains one of the best ways to move past your boredom.

Instead of doing the commonplace things like meeting at a regular bar, you could plan a picnic at a park or garden or decide to do some sight-seeing together.

6) Visit Your Family

Lady with her mother

Adults who live alone can rightly be classified as one of the most bored people in the world.

It feels great at first, asserting your independence from family but you can suck in your pride and admit you do miss your family sometimes.

So, when you are having that thought of self-pity –‘oh, poor me, I am bored’, you don’t have to languish in that boredom alone.

You could pop in and visit your family.

They would be glad to see you, and you would have a great time with them.

7) Strategize on Your Next Project

Man planning on project

Laying out your strategies and brainstorming ahead of the start of your next project puts you at an advantage.

This might be one of the best things to do when you are bored at home.

You will not feel pressured by the presence of your superiors or colleagues.

Your ideas can run wild and free.

To avoid forgetting essential details, keep a notepad and pen by you to scribble down your ideas, or you could use a note app on your phone to save your thoughts.

8) Dance it Out

Lady dancing

Dancing is both a therapeutic and fun activity.

You don’t have to be a great dancer or a professional. Just play your choice of music and get moving to the beat.

However, try not to be a nuisance in your environment.

So, if you live in an apartment building with close neighbors, you may have to use headphones or keep the volume at a reasonable level.

9) Sit out in a Public Place

Lady sitting

When you are bored, getting out of your house into the open can be a perfect fix.

It would be an excellent time to study human characteristics as an aloof observer.

You might even happen upon a unique incident that can initiate a life-changing moment for you.

Look for a place that is not too loud; a public park is most suitable, but if you don’t have one of those close by, you can just take a perch under a tree.

Ensure you are not trespassing on a private or restricted area.

10) Scribble and Awaken Your Hidden Muse

Man scrubbing

Many great reads were birthed from scribbles and even doodles from a bored mind.

You may not realize you have a flair for writing till you take that step during an episode of boredom.

Just scribble anything that comes to mind. It does not have to make sense at that moment.

You can return to those scribbles later and search for any promising lead that could morph into something bigger.

11) Watch a Blockbuster Movie

Lady in cinema

Nothing burns out boredom faster than a visit to the cinema.

The great thing about seeing a movie at a cinema is that you don’t have to be in the company of friends to enjoy it.

It might also be an excellent opportunity to meet new people.

Choosing blockbuster movies is a safer option as they tend to have garnered more rave reviews that you can depend on.

It would be sad to settle for a boring movie when you are already bored.

12) Burn Out the Boredom at The Gym

Guy in a gym

Researches on weight gain have discovered that most people tend to consume more junk food when they are bored.

So, instead of digging into that can of potato chips or bag of gummies, you should get out your exercise gear and head to the gym.

After a few sets of crunches and a run on the treadmill, your heart would be pumping.

Not being a member of a gym should not be a restriction though, you can get your workout game going right in your corner at home to push out the boredom.

13) Check out Trends on Social Media

Lady on social media

Surfing social media can become boring, and there are times, you might want to throw your phone away and scream – I’m bored!

If this often happens to you, it is likely you have been accessing social media using the same old routine.

You can widen your experience by checking out trends especially on Twitter and Instagram.

These trending topics would not only keep you engaged, but they will also keep you abreast of current happenings.

14) Search and Listen to New Music

Woman listening to music

Music is food for the soul.

It can help you eliminate boredom fast but listening to the same song list every day can become boring.

The way to go is to search for new music by your favorite artists and also check out new ones.

When searching for new artists, it would be helpful to search by particular music genres to narrow your results.

You can also learn how to play a piano. In fact, to help you with this, I’ve written a detailed review of Piano For All – The most comprehensive piano program on the internet.

Click on that to get started.

15) Read a Book and Take on a Persona

Guy reading book

Reading a book is like getting a mental workout, but due to the short attention span of many persons, it might begin to feel like a chore.

The best way to use read a book when bored is to visualize the characters in the book and take up the one that resonates the most with you as your persona.

It would feel like shooting a movie in your head and boredom would fly out the window.

16) Treat Your Pet to a Spa Day

Treating a pet

Your schedule can get so busy throughout the week that you forget to take your pet on a much-needed walk or to give them proper grooming.

Treating your pet to a spa day is one of the things to do when bored.

You might not feel like it at the start but by the time you are done your pet is going to be happier and cleaner for your effort.

17) Download and Try out New Apps

Lady downloading_apps

Have you ever gotten that feeling that you always seem to be the last to discover cool apps?

There is no trick to finding those new apps except for exploring and trying them out.

When you are bored is the best time to do that.

Just open the app store and type a keyword to initiate your search.

To avoid wasting your time and data, reading users’ reviews would be a great way to filter out those that are not so great.

18) Call a Long-lost Friend

Guy on the phone

Sometimes, it is easy to assume that your friends no longer keep in contact because they don’t care.

But if you analyze your opinion from a detached point of view, you would realize, you also haven’t made a move to get in touch.

So, when boredom hits, scroll through your contacts and call a friend that you have not talked to in a long while.

Your call could make a substantial impact on them as they may be going through a robust experience.

19) Watch and Learn a New Skill on YouTube

Lady on Youtube

Continuous learning keeps the brain engaged and in a good state.

Thus, instead of folding your arms and being miserable because you’re bored, you can learn a new skill by watching illustrative videos on YouTube.

The skill you learn may save you the money you would spend hiring a handyman to fix some faults in your home.

20) Have a Spring Cleaning Day

Man cleaning

If you are like most persons, you likely keep postponing cleaning up your house, doing your laundry or mowing the lawn.

You can get these chores done when you are bored.

However, it is best you don’t see them as ‘chores’ as that it could be an immediate turn-off.

Instead, think of it as a fun activity and listen to some music as you get the work done.

You could choose only to complete one item on the list, so you do not tire mid-way.

21) Cook and Store Up

Lady cooking

Home cooked meals have been recommended as the best healthy standard, but like many working adults around the world, you barely have time to cook from scratch.

This might end up having a negative impact on your health and limiting your food choices.

Hence, it is a great idea to get some cooking done when you are bored.

You can switch things up in the kitchen by browsing new recipes.

It would be a great idea to cook in larger portions and store up in the fridge to eat throughout your busy week.

22) Pamper Yourself In and Out

Lady taking care of herself

You spend so much time making sure things like your work, home and career are in order, but you tend to forget taking care of yourself.

When you feel the first waves of boredom hitting you, take out time to pamper your body.

You could start with the inside by making a healthy smoothie for detoxification, or you could soak in a sudsy bath with some drops of healing essential oils while you sip a drink.

Just make it all about you whatever you decide to do.

23) Meditate and Sleep

Woman sleeping

At least 8 hours of sleep daily is recommended for optimum health.

However, many don’t get enough sleep due to a busy daily routine or even fighting sleep themselves.

Deciding to take a nap is not giving in to your boredom, instead, it helps you to revamp for better performance during the rest of your day.

It can be hard for you to fall asleep when bored, but meditation can help ease you into a deep slumber.

You can download and listen to meditation clips to get going.

24)  Challenge yourself!

When you decide you’re going to attempt something that will test your abilities, your mind becomes absorbed into the challenge.

You focus exclusively on how you are going to achieve your most wanted outcome.

The brain doesn’t have time to get bored! It is too busy being stimulated by its desire to problem solve.

How to Challenge Yourself – 2 Solid Ways

The following are 2 effective ways to challenge yourself.


If you’re not feeling overly energetic, your challenge can be purely brain-powered.

You could play a game that requires strategy.

Video games can be stimulating because you are focused on making the right moves to win. Card games create a similar effect.

Regardless of how you decide to challenge your mind, my point is that your brain enjoys the idea of testing its intelligence.

You can use this activity type to occupy the mind and thus to avoid boredom.


Perhaps you fancy something more energy-consuming? Test your body’s ability in some way.

Go for a jog, with the target in mind to run a little further, or for a little longer than you find easy.

Do 20% more sit-ups than you think you can do at the moment.

When you target something that you are not sure you can achieve, the mind becomes stimulated. So, use your imagination.

Think of a way to challenge one of your abilities.

25) Inform yourself

Lady thinking

Your mind can be entertained by spending time learning about topics you like.

I’m interested in Soccer so I’ll often read about the English Premier League’s latest happenings.

My sister likes psychology so she’ll go online and learn stuff about it.

My mum is really getting into Spirituality so she reads books about that…

Your mind likes to lose itself in interesting information.

Find out what you think is interesting, and learn about it in books, online or on TV.

This goes beyond things to do when bored and into self-improvement.

When you get better at something or know more about it, you gain confidence in yourself with it.

My point?

You can use these things to do when bored to not only avoid boredom but also to improve yourself.

26) Inspire yourself!

Guy writing songs

Create something that you enjoy making.

Find what you are passionate about, learn about it and then make something from it.

Perhaps you’ve already got lots of knowledge about something you enjoy?

Create your own guide to it.

You can even sell your productions eventually because, with practice, you’ll create genuine quality.

When you engage your mind with the things that interest you, and you use that interest to make something, you effortlessly avoid boredom…

As well as this, your creative side is the key to achieving financial abundance (barring an unlikely lottery win!)

When you consistently invest your creative mind into the things that interest you, you gain the ability to provide something that people want.

If you work at it enough, you can earn money from it.


There you have it; 26 Things to Do When You Are Bored

Apply these tips.

They’ll help you get rid of boredom pretty fast and always remember that it takes time and patience to accomplish anything successfully.

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