Top List of Russian Dating Sites

russian dating sites

Russian men and women, especially the latter, are known worldwide for their beauty and grace.

Along with their obvious physical attractions, they bring an entire culture and way of life with them.

Russians in search of an ideal partner to get into a relationship with can now be part of some of the best dating sites, especially for them.

When we talk about Russian dating portals, we are talking of certain specific types of people here.

This group will comprise Russian singles, Ukrainians, as well as people from Eastern Europe.

There are cultural and linguistic similarities among them that promote better understanding and allow deeper bonds of friendship.

The world is getting more and more virtual and online dating portals are all the rage.

These are great platforms for people to connect virtually.

Whether one is able to travel to other countries or not is not limiting new connections from being created.

Dating platforms are structured to bring people together and take things further from there.

In the following sections, we will know more about what to expect in Russian dating, and how to choose virtual platforms to help with this.

The proliferation of apps and websites in this field has actually created a problem of too much choice.

Our experts have shortlisted 10 different dating platforms that would be right for Russian connections.

What Will I Learn?

Top 10 Real Russian Dating Sites

1) eHarmony


In the burgeoning world of online dating, eHarmony is a name to reckon with.

While this is a general dating website, it is good for Russian dating as well.

If you are wondering how that is possible, it is because of the huge number of members registered here.

Just set the right filters and you will get to know eastern European women based on location. To add to all this, there is an app version too.

Are you the one who is not much inclined to casual relationships?

Well, then this is the dating site to be on.

You will be surprised at the number of Russian singles you will come across here.

Not only would you get matches to your liking but also tips and advice on successful dating.

eHarmony has a compatibility quiz that helps narrow down your search precisely. With such detail going into an online dating site, the world is really your oyster.

You must note one thing – eHarmony is not free and the user needs to pick a membership according to requirements.

2) Russian Flirting

The name suggests what the site aims at – this is a dating site where Russians come to find compatible people to flirt with.

There are many Russian women and Ukrainian women here that one may connect with.

Choose your parameters to get in touch with beautiful women from different places.

Visit this online platform to find the mate you have been looking out for.

It is a matter of setting your preferences about the age range and sexual preferences among other filters.

This site is free to use and one may check the profiles of others for photos and in some cases, there are videos too.

This platform helps bring people together by providing four language options.

3) Generation Love

This Russian dating site is free to join and there are no subscription charges. Eastern Europe finds ample coverage and representation on this site.

It covers an entire spectrum of folks representing this region. Find the Russian beauty of your choice here using advanced search options.

For a free site, Generation Love provides quite a few features for its users.

After you feel you have found the one you are interested in, start getting to know them better with instant messaging and seeing photos.

It is a good site for finding a dream match.

4) Anastasia Date

Whether looking for a fun or a serious relationship, Anastasia Date has answers. It is the best Russian dating site in terms of numbers as well as success rates.

The site is popular among Russian women looking for compatible partners from North America, among other places.

Basic services are free on this Russian dating platform. However, there are fees applicable for further search processes.

We know how vital communication is for building upon a relationship.

Anastasia Date does exactly that by providing different means to remain in touch, like live video chats and telephone conferencing.

5) Dream Singles

This Russian dating site takes its users’ safety very seriously. What this means is that there are no fake profiles on this dating platform.

Being in the online dating industry for over 16 years, profiles are authenticated to ensure more success stories.

There is a great ratio of women to men which is close to 7:1.

This makes some of the most beautiful women available here.

Men have a wide range of choices and once they have made their choice among members, they can further cement the relationship with messages and chats.

6) Step2Love

Step2Love is a Russian dating site that has been enjoying a successful run.

With verified profiles of Russian women as well as those looking for Eastern European love, this platform is the ideal place to search for relationships.

The site allows users to place personal ads and to see photos of other girls hailing from a different country too.

A big plus is that free members can also check who all are online as soon as they log in to the site.

This helps them know how many active members are there at a given point in time. 

7) LadaDate

If you are using this service for the first time, you will see that this is a free site for users. There are no fees whatsoever for availing of different modes of getting in touch with others.

If you are looking for a compatible match with other Russian singles, women, and girls from Ukraine, this is the place to be.

Search for potential mates from different places with location guidelines.

Creating an account is also very easy. All one needs is to answer some basic questions and you are in.

Knowing how many people are online at any given point in time also helps in carrying out meaningful interactions.

8) Russian Hearts

Finding Russian mates all over the world is not a big deal anymore. With dedicated dating forums that have Russian girls, it is easy to find a mate online nowadays.

As soon as new users register, the homepage of this dating site will showcase them. What does this do for them? It helps bring these new entrants into focus.

With this free site, users can receive messages from others.

Along with this, free browsing profiles and sharing photos with other interested women or men enables meaningful connections.

For anyone wanting to avail of premium features like unlimited communication, paid plans would be a good idea.

9) Russian Admire

What does this free Russian dating site bring to its users?

The answer is connecting people across the globe with the theme of Russian identity. It also provides users the chance of communicating without restrictions.

By restrictions, we mean time, location, and even language, which in a huge country like Russia might mean different dialects and languages.

Whenever you feel ready to create your profile, you may get started on this online platform.

There are Russian women, East European women, and Russian singles, who come together virtually in this forum to mingle and meet.

Once there is a comfort level established with other free users and you are able to send messages, it is up to you to take this relationship to the next level of intimacy.

10) Russian Dating


Another is our list of which is the best Russian dating site is Russian Dating. plain and simple in its objective, this matchmaking platform aims to create virtual pathways for people to come together.

Whether you want someone from a big city or a local companion, from Ukraine or Eastern Europe, this is certainly one of the top sites to visit.

Setting up a profile is very easy here.

It only needs some basic information and all is done.

For reasons of the security of personal data, photos, videos, and other information that registered users share, Russian Dating takes every care to provide a safe environment.

With many photos in the virtual gallery, interested people can browse through to choose their pick of candidates.

Dating sites – are they effective?

  • There is always a debate about the effectiveness of a virtual encounter with another person. Will this connection be viable enough to form a relationship?
  • Can such a relationship be sustained?
  • Does any good come out of a match on dating platforms?

With the success of many established matchmaking platforms and the sheer number of new ones springing up every day, it would seem that this mode of connecting is indeed very effective.

You may connect at a time of your choice whichever country you stay in.

Finding the right partner is no longer just a matter of good luck; there is a lot of science behind it.

Dating apps are now an extension of most successful virtual dating platforms, making it easier to stay connected for those on the move.

  • Your search for the woman of your dreams might be just a click away instead of physically traveling around.
  • Many such platforms have features connecting to social media, like Facebook for example.
  • Unlimited messages and pictures are some of the features by which online dating sites increase their effectiveness in reaching more people.
  • Choosing the right online portal for your love requirements will be furthered by going through detailed reviews of similar sites first and then taking a call.
  • Many dating websites are part of different umbrella organizations like Online Connections. This broadens up the scope for anyone registered with a particular site since their profile will be visible on sister sites with no extra costs involved.
  • Male to female ratio on any matchmaking website is worth checking out since this will give a user a clear idea of how good a chance they have in finding a match.
  • The success rates of online dating portals are another factor that matters when choosing which one to go with. Going through the site itself as well as testimonials will give a clear idea of how good a site is.

An entire generation is now more dependent and comfortable with virtual interactions.

At least the first connect and initial exchanges are preferred in the online mode.

This is also true of matchmaking websites and apps.

As stated, these online forums act as facilitators for interested parties.

For example, in the case of Russian matchmaking, these places are great to specify one’s choices and then let the website algorithm take over from there.

The goal is to find a range of prospective partners with matching interests and similar lifestyles and then exchange photos and messages to see who would be best suited.

This kind of exposure to like-minded people from a global audience is not possible in the real world all the time, especially in times of a worldwide pandemic.

Where travel is limited and real-time meetings are curbed, online platforms for dating are a boon to foster lasting relationships.

Know these facts about Russian dating sites

Getting a life partner of choice is very important.

You might just want to date casually or form lasting connections with another person – the choice is personal.

However, having choices that match is important.

Russian dating portals cater to a niche audience, which is also global in nature.

It is good to know what to expect when one is joining such online forums to find a mate.

  • Knowing the language is a big help for the best Russian dating experience. Language is a great bonding medium. While many speak English well, no holds barred communication in a native language is always the best.
  • Many of the Russian dating platforms mentioned below provide live video chats so that one may connect better with a prospective partner or person of interest. This means one needs to dress well and be presentable. Visual medium provides immediate gratification and ensures the best connection. Make sure you are dressed well, not overly nor inadequately, for the purpose.
  • Following conversation etiquette is important on any dating platform, and so too for Russian ones. Staying polite and respectful on first dates helps create a good impression and takes the connection to another level.
  • Be who you are – it is always the best policy. Ultimately it is your intent and honesty that will stay with people. Russian singles respect this honesty in people and relationships.
  • Remember the diversity that comes with the ‘Russian’ tag. You will be meeting a diverse group of people on such platforms. These people might be Muslims, darker than traditional Russians, as well as those with pronounced Asian features. Respect the diversity that comes with different ethnicities.
  • By nature, people belonging to Russia and what is now Ukraine are a private lot. They respect their space and privacy and prefer to mingle differently than others. A bit of conservatism is part of their culture and would do good to imbibe that in approaching a potential partner.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are there any legit Russian dating sites?

There are a number of legit forums for Russian dating. Russian Cupid is by far the best Russian dating site in terms of popularity, followed by Mamba, Love Planet, and Badoo. These are being used by a number of people looking to find compatible matches.

Verified platforms like these provide numerous ways to connect with like-minded people and form meaningful relationships.

How much does it cost to be on a Russian dating site?

There are free dating sites as well as paid ones that help to bring people together. Russian Cupid is one of the best Russian dating sites that have membership rates between 140 USD to 160 USD per year depending upon the kind of membership one opts for.

VIP membership to any dating forum will be costlier but will also unlock various features.

What is the most popular dating app in Russia?

Among dating apps, Badoo is the most popular in Russia. This is closely followed by Tinder. As is the nature of this app, it is most used by people who are in for casual flirts and flings.

Badoo has a feature called Encounters which speeds up connections.

What is the best international dating site?

A unanimous choice among users in their search for the perfect mate online is eHarmony. This is the topmost website in the US and worldwide that has been bringing people of different interests together.

A wonderful coming together of experience, science, and dedication helps in their sustained success. Different features enable people to come together online and then take it from there. 

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