Best Christian Dating Sites – Free & Paid Dating Services for Christians

best christian dating sites

So, what is the best Christian dating site right now?

It is said that ‘marriages are made in heaven’.

Truth be told, marriages are actually about reaching the next level for serious relationships.

Getting to this stage is all about connecting.

And that happens on a good dating platform.

Speaking specifically about Christian dating, it can be easily said that churches and congregations are good places to begin.

A Christian single meets an interested person sharing similar religious beliefs at such places.

This can then progress to the next level of interaction.

These are different times though.

A pandemic is raging across the world and dating sites are the next best thing.

People now look for potential matches through online dating apps or Christian dating services.

This is true for people of all age groups and gender preferences.

The best thing about a dating site dedicated to Christian singles is that you get to meet people you are likely to bond well with.

The appeal of a dating site for Christians or a dating app is manifold.

There is a global reach and ease of usage for those with Christian faith.

To this end, we have tried to bring together a comprehensive list of Christian dating platforms.

What Will I Learn?

Top 10 Christian Dating Sites to Meet Fellow Singles

Following is our list of the ten best Christian dating sites.

These are based on research, success rates, and traffic to the dating site in question.

How many active members are there on each side, whether it has in mind catholic singles, how varied is the dating pool and does it have the best Christian people over a global audience are some of the factors that drive this selection.

This list is in no particular order but is great for Christian dating.

It is time to get started!

1) Christian Cafe

christian cafe

This site has been a chosen one for successful Christian dating with over 25,000 marriages working very well.

Christian Cafe is a great dating site that brings people with deep faith in their religious beliefs.

Successful dating is just one of the attractions of Christian Cafe.

There is scope for a lot of interaction via fellowships and forums.

This site also provides its user’s opportunities to interact over walks and meets. Granted that might be difficult in the present circumstances of the ongoing pandemic.

This has been a big draw for users of this Christian dating site.

This is not one of the free Christian dating sites though.

Christian Cafe provides for a free 10-day trial during which one may interact with others interested in Christian dating.

To take the conversation further, users need to choose a plan suited to their needs.

2) eHarmony


The first thought that comes to mind when one hears eHarmony is a dating site. It is a niche website for Christian dating then?

This site in fact began as one of the best Christian dating sites at Over time it has diversified to general users.

In keeping with modern trends, eHarmony also has one of the top Christian dating apps.

The USP of eHarmony lies in its massive base of subscribers.

There is a very efficient algorithm at work here as well. This helps guide people interested in dating towards attaining a perfect match.

eHarmony is one of the pioneers in creating online dating sites. It is little wonder that it remains the frontrunner in this.

There are effective and efficient search mechanisms within this to help with Christian dating.

Users may choose filters that apply to their faith, lifestyle preferences, and gender choice.

Fact that eHarmony was created by a Christian psychologist and theologian, Dr. Neil Clark Warren, explains why this site works for Christian dating.

All users are matched using 29 dimensions which is an incredible number.

They also have an online dating app.

To be noted here is that users need to fill in a detailed questionnaire during registration.

eHarmony means business and is into committed relationships. Those looking for casual dating might not be interested.

3) Christian Connection

Christian connection

If ever there was a rating based on number of awards, Christian Connection would be one of the top dating sites.

This site based in the UK seems to be a favorite for best Christian dating.

It has won accolades based on user reviews and results of matching.

It has many active members in its fold who bond easily because they are like-minded people.

There are multiple dating activities run on this site that enable some of the best Christian dating opportunities. Meets at parks and restaurants are part of this Christian dating site.

Again, like mentioned above, the current pandemic situation is not helping the cause of in-person dating.

Things are mostly restricted to online dating.

There are ample opportunities to share unlimited photos on Christian Connection.

Only Christian members are found on this dating site.

This site is exclusively for those following the Christian faith.

While that limits the subscriber base a bit and excludes variety, it provides more chances of success.

On the flip side, there is only a 3-day trial where one may avail of free features. To meet other Christian singles on a regular basis, users need to get registered.

4) Christian Cupid

Christian Cupid

Christian Cupid brings together an eligible Christian single with more of their ilk.

It is a free Christian dating site that allows easy and fast registration.

All one needs is to upload a photo and get communicating with others.

Many a Christian match has also been found on dating apps.

To this end, Christian Cupid also has one as Christian dating apps are easy to use. People looking for a casual fling, chats, or matchmaking all come here to find the partner of their faith.

This site also provides online dating tips to new as well as seasoned users.

It provides advanced messaging features for platinum membership which are not cheap. Christian Cupid has a free 3-month trial period.

Users can avail themselves of free match review services on this site during this time period.

Depending upon their level of satisfaction in this review period, users can decide on their next step.

For thousands of happy couples, cupid has struck and they are happy where they find themselves in life now.

5) Christian Dating for Free


Some dating sites speak of their USP right in the way they call themselves.

Christian dating for free is one such website. It is a free Christian dating site.

As per subscriber base data, Christian Dating for Free is one of the biggest and best Christian dating sites right now.

Another plus of CDFF is that it is available as a dating app for ease of usage by its huge subscriber base looking for Christian love.

Users are encouraged to communicate on the platform within decent boundaries. Dating is made fun with CDFF.

Funding this free user base is the number of advertisements on the site.

They are the ones funding this Christian dating site. That it is a free dating site adds to its pluses.

Needless to say, there is a flip side to these advertisements.

They can pop up in the middle of searches or any other time.

This can be an irritant for users. For those who wish to continue dating without ad interruptions, there is the Elevate option.

This, however, needs payment.

6) Christian Mingle

Christian Mingle

It doesn’t matter if it sounds clichéd here to say this dating site is for Christian singles ready to mingle.

Christian Mingle gives a wide platform to Christian singles and those of catholic faith to meet others.

This dating site is one of the top Christian dating sites that resonate in faith and fellowship.

Their aim is to use the call of Jesus Christ to bring people closer.

Christian Mingle has dating tips galore for all users.

By all users, we mean a dating site for Christians only since Christian Mingle is meant for this audience.

Users can use Christian Mingle in the form of a dating app.

Users can make use of advanced searches based on user profiles. This mode of dating site opens up access for people of similar faith the world over.

There are multiple happy couples enjoying their union and friendship on Christian Mingle.

The reviews on the site show how the site has enabled people to meet each other, virtually or in person.

Based upon Christian values and beliefs, singles belonging to this community find comfort and confidence on the site.

7) CrossPaths


Free Christian dating gets a new look and dimension for Christian dating.

Cross Paths is exclusively a dating app and has been developed to meet the needs of Christian dating in an easy manner.

Cross Paths is rated as the best Christian dating site by users globally.

The algorithm is designed to analyze user profiles over criteria of Christian belief and rituals.

The app helps bring eligible Christian men and women together.

This Christian dating app provides a swipe facility for better profile checks and matches.

To top it, the app is free to download and use from Google Play.

This is a good facility but many users have come across fake profiles.

Encountering fake profiles on a dating site can put off people. The dating site definitely needs to have better security in place.

8) Match


Match believes that love can be found through online dating or in the form of a dating app.

They are right in thinking so since thousands of young couples have found compatible matches here.

The site has subscribers among all conceivable groups.

Be it lesbian dating, gay dating, senior dating, Christian dating, or other categories, there are matches to be found.

To be noted here is that Match is not exclusively a Christian dating site.

It is one of the top dating sites that attract many users.

Among them, users with leanings towards the Christian faith are sure to find their appropriate match.

Can Match be called the best Christian dating place?

That depends upon how well you use the search utility built into the website.

It is easy to use among dating sites and can also be used in app form.

9) Our Time


Another dating site that brings people looking for companionship together is Our Time.

The beauty of this dating site is that it is created for people in their 50s and above.

This is a fantastic window for this particular age group.

Understanding how needs and preferences change over time is very important.

Our Time does just that.

It cannot be counted among exclusive Christian dating sites surely. However, that does not mean they are not finding love here.

Because of the premise around which Our Time is created, those above 50 can find more succor here than maybe in some other Christian dating sites.

Because of the age bracket, a large number of people will get automatically excluded from dating here.

Which makes Our Time a niche dating site and they are doing very well for that.

Also, to be noted here is that it is not only a Christian dating site.

Having said that, effective search tools enable users to look for their perfect match.

10) Zoosk


Zoosk rates #1 grosser among dating apps on the Apple store.

That should say something about the effectiveness of this app.

Zoosk is made ideally for mobile use.

From that viewpoint, it can be called the best dating site for the young crowd.

Whether that makes it good for Christian dating is what we set to find out, since this article focuses on the best Christian dating sites.

This is not a constraint on this dating platform given its sheer number of members.

According to this dating site, over 35 million users are registered on the site right now.

Any kind of dating one is looking for, including Christian dating, will find a match here. There is too wide a base on offer for everyone.

Whether looking for casual dating or serious bonds, this is the place.

There is a Behavioral Matchmaking System at Zoosk which is its USP.

Additionally, Zoosk gives relationship advice to users and a common platform where they can share their views and experiences.

Does online dating really work?

We live in a time where everything is going online.

To be honest, this has been the trend for quite a few years now.

With the current pandemic situation, things have changed in interpersonal relationships. And this is a global phenomenon now.

Dating has been the mainstay of campus and social life among people.

People have sought to mingle with each other regardless of age, gender, religious or ideological beliefs.

Blind or planned dating, family matchmaking, and many other avenues have brought people together.

When dating sites first began to pop on the scene, they were just a means to connect with others.

Acquaintances grew into deep bonds too.

All this began with the advent of online dating.

With most people using smartphones, dating apps too found their way into the industry.

This format made it easier for people to keep in touch on the go.

In these times when in-person meetings are a challenge, the relevance of dating sites has increased even more.

Some of the top sites are so because they cater to niche audiences.

By this, we mean sites for gays, 50+ folks, lesbians, Goths, Blacks, and Christian dating sites.

These allow for people with varied preferences to come together on a common platform.

When travel is restricted and meetings are cautious, it is ideal to work on building relationships and connections online.

These dating sites are keeping up pace with changing requirements too.

New ways of searching for a person of matching preferences, faster and easier browsing, and special algorithms to match better are being created.

All of these have created a fan base for users worldwide.

Successful matches with compatible partners have helped bolster the case for online dating.

In fact, studies show how online marriages had a higher score on satisfaction surveys, lower rates of divorces, and better compatibility compared to offline ones.

There is always a case for security on online sites and phone apps.

A lot of personal information is being divulged here between people.

All top sites make every effort to keep such personal information secure.

What are Christian dating sites?

Online dating is an accepted and successful way of meeting new people and forming bonds.

Ever since internet dating became a thing, there has been a profusion of these.

Generally dating sites like Match and eHarmony always cater to a wide audience.

The beauty of a dating site like, say, Match or Christian Mingle, lies in its huge subscriber base.

This means it will cater to varied tastes. It can be a Goth dating site and a Christian dating website and much more rolled into one.

Having said that, it is great to have niche dating sites looking out for particular likes or leanings.

A faith-based dating site would work great for the various faiths and religions that surround the world.

This is why we have selected some of the best Christian dating sites and present them here in no particular order.

Attributes on a Christian dating site

John 13:34 says, “A new commandment I give to you, that you love another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another”.

“Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:11

Christian women and men looking for kinship and meaningful connections are likely to frequent the best Christian dating sites.

Why is this so?

Christian dating among Christian singles is about a way of life that is bound to find resonance.

Access to specific Christian dating avenues means a lot to all who strongly follow their faith.

Re exchanging ideas with another person who understands where you are coming from helps break the ice instantly.

Beginning with a common platform of Christian dating sites gives new users a certain comfort level.

This is essential in creating bonds.

Dating sites for best Christian dating understand this very well.

Having said that, in addition to the faith factor, users look for things like:

  • Is dating user-friendly?
  • If there is a mobile app version.
  • How likely is one to find compatible matches?
  • Comparison with other Christian dating apps.
  • If these are free Christian dating sites.
  • How big is the dating pool?

Are you using the best Christian dating site?

Anyone who has searched for a Christian dating site will know how difficult it is to choose.

There are sites upon sites out there.

Choosing from among the best Christian dating sites can be quite a challenge.

Specific sites like Christian Cafe and general sites are in the race.

The challenge is to choose real Christian dating sites among these. After all one is looking for the best Christian people there.

Potential matches can learn more about each other through online dating.

One may run through the attributes listed above to know how good a dating website is.

This will give an idea of how the chosen site stands for Christian dating.

We have attempted to present the best Christian dating sites here.

Pluses and minuses of dating sites for only Christians

With a profusion of Christian dating websites, there is confusion and a lack of clarity on the pros and cons.

We have created a separate section to discuss in detail internet dating for best Christian dating as well as Christian dating apps.

Here are the pluses and minuses of these and how best to meet Christian singles.


  • The first and most obvious plus is bonding over religious beliefs and faith. Common Christian values will help bring together people seeking companionship.
  • There will be a whole range of people on general online dating sites. For specific Christian dating, dedicated dating sites are better. Christian Mingle is one such site.
  • Retaining virginity before marriage is sacrosanct in many Christians. These values might not resonate outside of the community. Hence a site that caters only to the best Christian dating is the best option.
  • An ideal Christian way of life with specific likes and dislikes takes a relationship to the level of marriage. It is all about understanding your partner.

  • It is great to have a common background for dating but there might be other nice people around. Faith in Jesus Christ is a great common ground to begin from. However, other dating sites get sidelined in the process.
  • Online dating might be the order of the day, but getting off dating sites and having in-person meets is the decider.
  • When two people get to know each other better, internet dating sites are just a means to connect. The fun lies in taking it from there to the next level.
  • A dedicated dating app or some popular Christian dating sites might cause the outlook to get restricted. God works in mysterious ways. Keeping an open mind is always a good thing. He will bring love into your life in his way.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Christian beliefs taken into account on Christian dating sites?

That is the driving thought behind creating specific sites and dating apps targeting Christians.

For those looking for dating someone in their community, a Christian dating site is the answer.

The makers go to great lengths to provide the right ambiance for users to be comfortable in. This ensures more compatible matches and better success.

Which sites are for best Christian dating?

In the above sections, we have brought together some of the best Christian dating sites for you. Additionally, there is also a demand for the best Christian dating apps that have also been listed.

Anyone or many of these sites may be used for casual dating or taking things to the next level.

Do websites offer free Christian dating?

Many websites that help a single Christian find a lifemate offer basic matching services for free.

All one needs is to set up a user profile and list preferences. It is only for advanced searches using multiple filters that paid services might need to be called in for.

Christian Mingle is a free Christian dating site that can be used by interested folks.

Do Christian dating sites connect to other faiths?

As the name suggests, some of the best Christian dating sites are specific to their faith. Their site is approachable only for Christians.

If you wish to explore other people and are not so bound by your belief system, there are other dating sites to check out.

Are Christian dating sites free?

Not all dating sites, niche or not, are free.

Most offer a free trial period, ranging from 3 days to 3 months.

During this time, new users may check out the services provided. CDFF (Christian Dating for Free) is a free dating site that is popular with users.