Otaku Dating Sites – Top Dating Apps for Anime Fans

Anime dating sites

So what’s the most popular anime dating site or app right now?

The makers of Astro Boy, the first anime, possibly never expected the level of popularity that anime presently has.

It has fostered legions of die-hard fans globally.

Anime has captured the minds and hearts of the young in a way that has few parallels.

In fact, those who love anime seem to inhabit a universe of their own.

This is populated by their favorite anime and events happening around them.

So popular is the genre that entire dating sites now revolve around anime enthusiasts.

There is a proliferation of such sites now, fueling the growth of the anime industry.

Dating sites

Sites for online dating are nothing new and theme-based ones are some of the most sought after.

These immediately narrow down searches based upon preferences, saving time and making it easier to find the right partner through the best online dating sites.

We have put together a list of some of the most popular anime dating sites in the following sections.

Ease of use, cost of sign-up, and fee subscription have been kept in mind while making this selection.

Read on to find out more…

10 Best Anime Dating Websites – Top Sites & Apps Where Anime Lovers Meet

1) eHarmony


It might surprise readers to know that eHarmony was not originally meant as anime specific dating platform.

To date, it remains an online dating website that is highly popular with otaku singles.

The site provides effective filters to connect with the anime community globally.

It provides multiple features that go with a free account.

Not only one of the top anime dating sites, but it caters to other interests as well.

For those interested, there is a detailed process for setting up a dating profile that can be a bit time-consuming though.

Even with that, this site remains a must-visit for serious fans of anime.

There is a lot of dating advice in the form of articles and blogs to help manga fans the world over.

2) EliteSingles

elite singles

Looking for more than just virtual flirts?

Register at Elitesingles to engage with people on a global dating platform.

Why does this online dating site find itself among the top?

It brings together people looking for long-term relationships with various interests, among them the anime community.

Anime lovers and others can create a free account to find compatible partners.

The algorithm used for finding the right matches is updated constantly on this site.

What is more, it is also available in an app form for better access and usability.

Join this successful dating network for matches in every age group and connect with other elite singles. 



Anime lovers know and can instantly relate to this online dating site. It caters to otaku singles who are looking for meaningful sites for dating.

MaiOtaku allows its registered users to list anime conventions they have been to.

Users can also add unlimited photos in order to connect better in their geek dating quest.

Various filters built into the algorithm allows hardcore fans to list their favorite animes.

It is the ideal forum to meet fellow otakus and continue meaning dating, exchanging favorite manga and comic cons.

In case you are wondering if it’s a paid account, MaiOtaku is completely free.

Visit this site and connect with other fans in the anime space.

Anime Dating Website

anime dating site

This is one of the many anime relationship-building sites that take their job seriously.

If you wish to jump in, you must know the different genres of your animes well.

Registering at requires a free subscription for some features while it needs a paid account for most others.

As users have found out, this site works best for those who know their dragon ball from dragon ball Z.

For true blue anime fans, this is THE online connections dating network.

The big plus is that once registered here, the user has access to sister accounts of Online Connections.

Anime dating has never been better.

Anime Lovers Dating

anime lovers dating

Certainly one of the most popular anime sites for dating works to make their website easy to navigate and use. Anime dating just got that much easier for fans worldwide.

To top it, this service is free. What more could anime fans ask for?

Another great thing about this portal is that it allows for all kinds of preferences in online dating.

It means that this dating site is lesbian and gay friendly, which immediately opens up possibilities for all kinds of fans.

It is very easy to set up your dating profile on this dating site, making it one of the foremost anime dating websites.

Unlike some other anime dating websites, ease of registration is one of the pluses of this one.

Otaku Singles

otaku singles

This literally translates into ‘geeky singles’ which is what most Otaku are anyway.

For those singles looking for dating sites among like-minded people, this is a good place to visit.

Keeping in mind that people are generally wary of sharing details about themselves on dating sites, Otaku Singles takes care of privacy.

It is one of their high points where they have a secure website to help in this matter.

This is why anime fans find a lot of security in sharing than on other dating sites.

After all, privacy is a big issue with everyone who is out looking for the perfect partner and build a long-lasting relationship.

In what is perhaps its most appealing feature, the free membership is provided.

Only for those looking for specific services, payment needs to be made.

Basic features are good to get started for most people and as one warms up to the website there is always the provision of upgrading to paid services.

Otaku Booty


So everyone who is into anime dating knows what Otaku is and they definitely themselves are.

Otaku is a Japanese word that means someone obsessed with something.

In the anime world, this means people who are totally into manga and other related stuff.

At Otaku Booty there is not only a dating network going. It has branched into much more besides.

There are provisions for video gaming as well as cosplay.

This means the Otaku site is a great place for a gamer dating as well as anime dating.

There is basic membership involved and most services are free on this website.

The makers have created an easy-to-use platform where the user needs to only input their zip code to begin connecting.

After that, it is all about finding common ground and expanding on it.

Users may share unlimited photos on the website in order to know more about potential partners and build relationships.



What does the name imply to users immediately?

There is a call to geek dating if ever there was one.

This site has a fabulous algorithm that helps pin down and arrive at perfect matches for anime dating.

A superior search function built into the website helps registered users find exactly what they are looking for.

If you are looking for convention and related information, this place is the one for you.

A visit to the website shows a detailed filter built-in which is the result of its superior algorithm.

This free website caters to geeks of various genres like horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and much more.

There is every chance of a real-world event for geeks who find themselves here.

Diehard anime lovers know about Sailor Moon and how it ran into controversy over time.

These and other detailed exchanges often set off a conversation and become the common ground for people to come together and form lasting bonds. 

Kwink Dating Website (discontinued)

The name of the website indicates the characteristic traits of a person.

The makers of Kwink say that they have created this dating app to cater to all sorts of interests.

Besides geek dating, it offers users and subscribers a variety of ways to be themselves.

Kwink is also available in the form of an app that makes it easier to use for many.

Their filter works very effectively in seeking out compatible otaku singles.

A big draw for manga fans is that the website is free.

Once you have connected, the website allows the user to chat with others.

This helps the website to work more on creating a better-rounded profile that leads to a better match by the algorithm. 


With online relationships being the order of the day, new sites of anime dating are coming up. Kosu might be a new entrant but is already popular for anime lovers dating.

Not only that, the site caters to a variety of interests.

It has come up as one of the top online dating sites because of many features, one of which is personalized avatars.

It also offers other anime fans create wonderful dating network to connect with their ilk.

There are chat rooms for users and experiences to enjoy and build up conversations. One may also send virtual flirts here in a great interactive anime space.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can I meet girls that like anime?

Girls with anime preferences can be found on the sites mentioned above as well as multiple other dating portals using filters.

eHarmony, MaiOtaku, and SoulGeek are some of the leading places where one can meet girls interested in anime.

Where can I find an otaku girlfriend?

There are specific sites that help find otaku booty and one may search with the keyword for anime dating site. Anime lovers by definition are otaku hence it is an implied trait.

What is the number 1 dating site?

Among all dating websites currently, eHarmony seems to be the most popular among anime enthusiasts.

This has been established based on traffic to the website as well as positive results.

Where can I find anime fans?

Find a dating platform that allows filters for anime fans and you are sorted. The best dating sites serve this purpose given the popularity of anime.