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About Sociointelligence

Sociotelligence is unlike other lifestyle blogs you visit.

Our Mission is to support individual and relationship success through the provision of integral (includes mind, emotions, body, and spirit) coaching and state-of-the-art education. All of our methodologies have been proven to be scientifically effective.

Simply put, we are on a mission to ensure that every individual has a more positive social life and this can only be achieved when they have built productive, mutually beneficial, and effective working relationships with their loved ones.

To this end, we’ve put together high quality, comprehensive and in-depth articles on just about anything that makes us a powerful social animal.

These articles are geared towards ensuring that every new visitor to this blog becomes a lifetime member.

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About John Davenport

My name is John V. Davenport and I’m the c0-founder and chief editor of Sociotelligence.

My background is in Organization Development. I began this work over 10 years ago as a full-time employee at the Dupont Corporation. After working with them for 5 years, I left my job to begin my own consulting practice.

For fifteen years I had a successful consulting practice doing team building, strategic planning, diversity management, and coaching managers and leaders.

A few of the organizations I worked with are Bayer, American Express, Minneapolis Schools, Ford Motor Co., Second Chance Project and the City of Aurora.

It became increasingly obvious to me that I was focused primarily on the quality and nature of the relationship between people in most of these projects.

Consequently, I shifted my educational focus to relationship processes and completed a two-year program that led to my certification as an Integral Coach by New Ventures West (NVW).

I have always had a natural ability to support people desirous of improving relationships, not only in the workplace but also in their personal lives.

After much reflection and introspection, I decided to devote myself to supporting persons who want to enhance their romantic relationships.

This was a natural fit for me because I truly believe that a committed, loving relationship can provide the circumstances for each person to realize sublime happiness and acceptance.

Some individuals actually feel unconditional love, an experience that even our parents couldn’t provide.

In addition, I had this “if I only knew then what I know now” epiphany about my own experience.

My former wife and I probably could have avoided divorce if we had had access to the support and knowledge about relationship skills and processes that are currently available.

I continue to learn about the elements and processes of successful relationships.

Combining this knowledge with my prior background has led me to develop an Integral Approach to Relationship Success.

I utilize this inclusive approach as I work with single people, couples and organization members to develop and sustain the relationships they desire and made them more socially active.