50 Tuesday Jokes to Tickle Your Funny Bone

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Written By John Simon

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Ah, Tuesdays! That day of the week when we’re no longer groaning about the start of the workweek but aren’t quite close enough to celebrate its end.

Tuesdays often get overlooked, but they hold a unique place in our weekly routine – not quite as daunting as Monday, yet not as exhilarating as Friday.

So, what better way to spice up this often-understated day than with a hearty dose of humor?

We’ve put together a collection of 50 Tuesday jokes, designed to inject a bit of fun into your week and maybe even crack a smile on the most stoic of faces.

From playful pokes at office life to witty observations about our Tuesday routines, these jokes are the perfect companion to your mid-week coffee break.

Get ready to chuckle, chortle, and even guffaw your way through these Tuesday-themed jests!

Top 50 Tuesday Jokes

1) Why do we tell secrets on Tuesdays? Because they’re less likely to spill over into the rest of the week!

2) What’s a Tuesday’s favorite music genre? Blues, because it’s not Monday but still not close to Friday.

3) Why was the calendar afraid of Tuesdays? Because it always felt like a week under pressure!

4) What do you call an optimistic Tuesday? A “choose-day” – the day to choose happiness over stress.

5) How does coffee keep its cool on a Tuesday? It keeps its beans about it.

6) Why are Tuesdays like a math problem? They add to the week but still leave you wondering about the solution to Friday.

7) What’s a ghost’s favorite day of the week? Boo-sday!

8) Why did the Tuesday go to therapy? To get over its identity crisis with Monday.

9) What did one Tuesday say to the other? “Hang in there, the weekend’s only four days away!”

10) Why are Tuesdays the best for gardening? Because that’s when you can truly “choose” your plants!

11) What’s a computer’s least favorite day? Reboot Tuesday – too close to Monday’s updates!

12) Why is Tuesday the most philosophical day? Because it’s still pondering over Monday.

13) How did the chicken feel on Tuesday? Like it was only two days from the “fry-day.”

14) What’s Tuesday’s favorite movie? “Gone with the Wind” – blowing away the Monday blues.

15) Why don’t eggs like Tuesdays? They’re only one day away from being “over easy.”

16) How does a book feel on a Tuesday? It’s just getting to the good part!

17) Why do gym-goers love Tuesdays? It’s one step closer to losing the ‘Monday muffins’.

18) What’s Tuesday’s favorite drink? Chai-day Tea, a little break from the daily grind.

19) Why is Tuesday the cleverest day of the week? It’s smart enough not to be a Monday.

20) What did the Tuesday say to the slow week? “Hurry up, I’m not a stand-day!”

21) Why was the alarm clock happier on Tuesday? It got to tick-tock about something other than Monday.

22) What’s the best thing to put into a Tuesday? Your best effort – it’s not Monday, after all!

23) How does Tuesday keep fit? By running away from Monday as fast as possible!

24) Why did Tuesday refuse to play cards? It was tired of being dealt a bad hand after Monday.

25) What’s a Tuesday’s favorite hobby? Waiting for Wednesday – halfway to the weekend!

26) Why do Tuesdays always seem brighter? Because Monday’s out of sight!

27) What’s a taco’s favorite day of the week? Taco Tuesday, of course!

28) Why did the Tuesday go to a party? To turn a weekday into a ‘weakend’.

29) How do you catch a squirrel on a Tuesday? Climb a tree and act like a nut – it’s nuttier than Monday!

30) Why is Tuesday the most optimistic day? It always looks forward, never back.

31) What did Tuesday say when it got tired? “Is it the weekend yet?”

32) Why did the golfer like Tuesdays? He was sure to hit a “hole in one” day closer to the weekend.

33) What’s Tuesday’s favorite type of coffee? Brews-day blend, extra strong.

34) Why don’t things stick to Tuesday? It’s Teflon-coated to slide right into Wednesday.

35) What did the lazy Tuesday say? “I’m not Monday, I can’t do miracles!”

36) Why did the Tuesday feel proud? It beat Monday at the week’s start race.

37) What’s a cat’s favorite day of the week? Tuesdays, because it’s purr-fectly in between.

38) Why did Tuesday go to space? To be a day out of this world!

39) What do you call a fashionable Tuesday? Trend-sday.

40) Why was Tuesday a better detective than Monday? It was always looking for clues to the weekend.

41) What’s a vampire’s least favorite day? Sunny Tuesday – too much light for their taste.

42) How does a pirate celebrate Tuesday? By saying, “Arr, it’s only three days till Friday!”

43) What did the Tuesday say to the procrastinator? “Don’t worry, I’m not as pushy as Monday.”

44) Why did the joke wait until Tuesday? It needed a day to ‘mature’ after Monday.

45) What’s a Tuesday’s favorite fruit? Dates – they’re always looking forward to something.

46) Why do Tuesdays feel less stressful? They’re in the ‘calm zone’ between Monday and midweek.

47) How did the Tuesday win the race? By not being as slow as Monday.

48) Why are Tuesdays like a good friend? They’re always there after a tough Monday.

49) What’s a Tuesday’s motto? “Keep calm and carry on – the weekend’s coming!”

50) Why do we love Tuesdays? They’re a weekly reminder that we’ve survived another Monday!


We’ve shared a good laugh with these 50 Tuesday jokes, each a light-hearted jab at the often overlooked day of the week.

While Tuesdays might not have the dreaded reputation of Mondays or the allure of Fridays, they hold their own unique charm, especially when sprinkled with humor.

These jokes remind us that even a day as ordinary as Tuesday can be brightened with a bit of wit and laughter.

So, as you carry on with your week, let these quips add a spring to your step and a smile to your face. Share them with colleagues, friends, or family, and spread the joy – because laughter, much like Tuesdays, is better when shared.

Here’s to making every Tuesday a day filled with giggles and good spirits!